Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mar Roxas will not run for Presidency - gives way to NoyNoy Aquino

NoyNoy Aquino - Mar Roxas tandem in the 2010 Philippine presidential elections is a sure winner!

A few minutes back, Mar Roxas announced that he won't run and he will give way to Benigno Noynoy Aquino.

What he did made me believe in him more. Mar Roxas did a great thing. A selfless act not many could have done.

mar roxas noynoy benigno aquino tandemmar roxas gives way to noynoy aquino

I support the Aquino - Roxas tandem!

BUT!! In the event that Mar Roxas will do a Gloria, sorry. In short, I will never vote Mar Roxas for President.


tandang said...

Would you vote for a person who does not even care what's going on in his own backyard?

If you're thinking about voting for Noy, you need to know about this important issue. Kawawang mga trabahador ng Hacienda Luisita! Tama bang pagtrato ito sa kanila?

Even his uncontrollable sister Kris Aquino bragged that her jewelry came from "KATAS NG HACIENDA LUISITA"

Tama ba naman ito? Hanggang ngayon ay wala pang malinaw na lunas para sa kahirapan ng mga tao doon. Si Noy ay hindi naman makagawa ng maayos na desisyon. Even the good senator sees the Luisita case in a business point of view and not because he recognized that the agri-workers who developed it for half a century and more, legitimately owned it (http://la.indymedia.org/news/2009/09/230308.php).

The farmers need to eat. What will they do with a worthless stock option and just take home a measly P9.00 a month for their salary? Would that suffice to feed their families?

Think again, hindi siya si Ninoy.

J Dela Cruz said...

A good read.

Give Me Back My EDSA (this is not meant for the buses)