Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What Better Way to Start October than to Attend SemCon 2009!?

Really, I don't think there is a better way to start October than attending the Search Engine Marketing Conference 2009!!!

I just posted a blog an event I went to last Sep 21 and after posting it, I checked my live traffic feed. At first, I didn't notice that there were a lot of hits coming from Sir Abe of Yugatech.com. After scrolling down, I was shocked and immediately checked out where the traffic is coming from and where they are going.

After seeing keywords like SemCon 2009 and Winners, I crossed my finger as I check Yugatech... and... there you go!!! I saw my name, just like how a baby would look at his mother, written here on my computer screen. :)

screenshot of the said post by Abe from Yugatech.com

Here was my entry >>> http://cheftonio.blogspot.com/2009/08/search-engine-marketing-conference.html

For the nth time, thank you Yugatech, Fiera and IMV Solutions for holding that contest!

Oh! and by the way, double thank you to Sir Abe. I won his webcam contest last Nov of 2008! :)

To learn more about the upcoming Search Engine Marketing Conference 2009 here in the Philippines, please read this.


Boy Kuripot (stingy) said...

Congrats! Hope u learn a lot at SEMCON