Sunday, October 11, 2009

3 Downloadable Candies from Brands

Freebie downloads are a nice way for companies to provide something extra for the consumer, and it's a dream come true for them as well, that they've developed a product worth bragging about by the very people they wish to serve. Clothing companies do this all the time --- big name brands turn their customers into walking showcases.

Another way of seeing downloadable candies is the company giving out something “extra.” Something new that the customer may or may not necessarily like, giving them more options. Here's a couple downloadable candies that I really like, check 'em:
1. Open Happiness – From Coca Cola. What better way to encourage people to drink Coke, by associating it with happiness? The collaboration song, and the accompanying music video just oozes with things that should make one crack a smile. Performed by Patrick Stump, Brendon Urie, Travis McCoy, Cee-Lo Green and Janelle Monae, the song is a hit, not just in terms of having people purchase the song over iTunes, but also in associating Coke to be a song about happiness.
2. The Axe Man Ringtone – Deemed “too sexy” to be included in the AXE on Phone page, this downloadable candy not only heightens what must be the secret appeal that AXE scents give the MAN, it also shows you that the AXE man is also playful. If a person's choice of ringtones denote some sort of personality factor, then having this as a message alert or a ringtone is bound to be used by men who may be serious on the business front, but also leaves a hint of playfulness. Get this downloadable candy here.
3. Windows 7 Wallpapers – With what they've shown so far, it appears that Microsoft's trying to make it up for Vista. Still roughly a month from release, they've let some downloadable-candy-in-the-form-of-wallpaper leak into the public. Is it too soon to see what Windows 7 wallpapers might look like on your desktop? Try these on for size. What's also amazing about these Windows 7 wallpapers is the inclusion of community-designed wallpapers --- it just goes to show you that even before a product hits, there are already people looking forward to it. The downloadable candies only excites potential users more.