Saturday, October 10, 2009

Not Your Usual Weekend Bonding - With the White Forest Cake

It was just like any other weekend. Woke up a bit late, read the bible and turned my laptop on. After, I went down to eat my usual breakfast -- eggs, oatmeal and a slice of sweetness.

The only thing very unusual that day was the non-stop rain. Same with any other rainy days, I loved it. I didn't think that it was the last time I'd love that kind of heavy rain.

Lunch came and our activities were still flowing normally. No one would expect that, that same weekend, it would change the lives of a lot of Filipinos. Afternoon came and the effects were getting worst. Suddenly, our electricity went out in the afternoon. Stuck at home, without electricity and without anything to do, we did what most people do when there is no electricity -- talk.

This is what you get for living an optimistic life. Even though everything is so negative, you still find ways to make it positive. And to take our family bonding level up one notch, mom offered us all a slice of White Forest cake from Red Ribbon. We don't want to put that cake to waste, don't we?

One soft, rich and creamy spoon after another, what was supposedly a short bonding talk became a long and unexpected fun bonding time even though when everything seemed to go wrong. Amazing!

Too bad, the cake didn't last till our dinner. But, with the help of that cake, it made every single second of our lives sweet and memorable that day -- Bonding time was lengthened because of one cake.

It's a cake we will surely remember for the rest of our lives.

For more information about Red Ribbon's Yummy cakes, please go to their website at or read my previous post HERE.