Saturday, February 6, 2010

Red Ribbon's Chocolate Heaven and Roses and Kisses Cake

Valentines is around the corner. Some celebrate it while others think that it's just another over-commercialized occassion.

Red Ribbon is currently offering a special deal to lovey-dovies out there!

The Red Ribbon Valentines Cake! It's 3 in 1 already.. Roses + Chocolates + Cake! :)

[Photos to follow]

It must be pre-ordered though. Order in advance at your nearest Red Ribbon stores!

BUT wait, Red Ribbon yet announced another cake in their line-up! This is going to be a uber-chocolatey-overload experience!

The Chocolate Heaven is another ingenious creation by Red Riboon!
Four kinds of chocolate inside:
1. Chocolate Brownie
2. Chocolate Mousse
3. Chocolate Icing
4. Chocolate Curls

and you think that a cake such as this would be expensive?

The regular Chocolate Heaven cake is just at 560.00 Pesos and the Junior size version is at 335.00 Pesos only!!!

I've already tried it and if you want a taste of chocolate heaven here on earth... BUY NOW!


Rose said...

Nice blog. Red rose is a perfect Valentine gift. Red roses means love, so if you want to tell someone 'I Love You', sending a bouquet of 12 red rose flowers is the romantic thing to do.

gift to Philippines said...

Hmmm... looks so yummy. I really love chocolate cake and sometimes I give it as a gift. Anyway, I will going to taste this new Chocolate Heaven and Roses and Kisses Cake some other time. Thanks for sharing.