Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Plants VS Zombies Cheat / Trainer - Unlimited Sun

It was just last Sunday when I first tried the game, 'Plants VS Zombies'. Everyone was talking about it for months now -- even adults. They were talking about how their kids was so addicted with this game.

Since I am not a gaming addict/ fan boy, it was just last Sunday that I decided to try and play the game. Luckily, my little sister has a full version copy of the game. Unfortunately, the file didn't work and I have no idea why.

Anyway, I scouted the internet for a copy of Plants VS Zombies then I downloaded the full version of it.

Download Plants VS Zombies (Click Here).


I tried the game for 2 minutes. It was a good thing that I was familiar with the concept of the game. It is somewhat similar to Tower Defense but, this was better. (Yes, I was on my way to Plants VS Zombies addiction).

Plants VS Zombies Game Play video:

How not to get addicted with the game Plants VS Zombies

After 5 more minutes of playing, I came to my senses thinking, "I'm wasting my time playing this game that destroys my concentration on doing the more productive things I can do." This is why I searched for the ultimate cheat codes that would make my life easier in Plants VS Zombies. This way, I would get bored faster and move on.

Download Plants VS Zombies Trainer (Cheat Codes)

The 2 links I posted above are good links. No virus whatsoever. Also, those are not affiliate links. I just blogged this to make your life more easier and save the world some unproductive time. :P

To get unlimited sun, open the Plants VS Zombies trainer program and press F1 while you are playing the game. That's it. :)

The cheat code Lotsasun and Tohot doesn't work. I've tried them both.

So that's it! Play the game, download the cheat, move on and be more productive! :)


Unless you want the Zombies to eat your brains! Brrrraaaaaiiiinnssss! :)

Also, if you have/ found the sound effects for Plants VS Zombies, do leave a comment below with the link to it. Thanks! :)

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Anonymous said...


Eris said...

Um... the F1 and F3 keys work, but how do I use the F2 and F4 keys? Nothing happens when I press those keys.

Anonymous said...

doesn't work for me...
"Windows cannot access the specified file, you may not have permission to access them."

or so it says...

XemnasT said...

F1 - Unlimited Sun Points - Gives you unlimited sun Points

F2 - Give Money $999.990 - Gives you $999.990 on your bank acount lol....

F3 - Plant Slots Always Open - No need to wait for plant slots to recharge

F4 - One Hit Kill Zombies - Kills most zombies instantly


trainer Specific Hotkeys:

Home - Info - Launches Trainer quick Info

F11 - Minimize Trainer - Minimizes Trainer

F12 - Music - Turns Music on Off

Escape or double click to exit Trainer

---Kim Chester Malicdem ^_^

Jan said...

None command doesnt's work at me. Hot to enable those cheats in game?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

its not working for me//////////

Anonymous said...


kids dresses said...

I already finished this game. And, I'm very glad that I did it without using some cheats. But, unlimited sun points cheat is very cool!

Anonymous said...

mantap wkwkwkwk that is a basic laguage of alienss :D

Anonymous said...

mantap wkwkwkwk that is a basic laguage of alienss :D

Anonymous said...

thank you for that really appriciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ):D