Monday, April 12, 2010

7 Tips When Staying in Hotels
Summer is seeing the beads of sweat form after just a short span of time in the sun. You're probably talking your friends into going to some far-away destination with you --- making plans and whatnot. What would you feel if I told you that the hotels you're going to be staying in... have secrets?

Hotels can range from being dream home-away-from-homes or absolute, kill-you-in-your-sleep, "bangungot" nightmares. So, when planning for your summer getaway, take these things into consideration:

1. Read Reviews First – Read particularly about the sanitation of the hotel. Reviews are helpful and informative. Most satisfied and dissatisfied customers submit reviews.

2. Bring Your Own Snacks / Bottled Water– Save yourself huge mark-ups! --- unless the hotel has strict policies on outside food, bring your own water. Most hotels don't have such regulations but resorts sometimes do.

3. Inspect The Room – Like a CSI, inspect the hotel room first upon first entering. Check if the room has been properly maintained, and that no traces of the last guest there remains. If you're not contented, you can always request to transfer.

4. Bring Wet Wipes and Alcohol – To wipe up things you will be using in the hotel room. I particularly wipe the toilet flush trigger and the remote control among other things.

5. Don't Walk Barefoot on Hotel Room Rugs – You'll never know what's been there. Hotel room staff are trained to make hotel rooms appear spotless.

6. Inspect Your Dishes/Glassware/Silverware – If they appear to be clean in the hotel room, wash them anyway. You'll never know how long it's been sitting there. With the amount of rooms that needs to be cleaned per house keeper, you can't expect everything to be clean.

7. Towels and Linens --- I usually do not use the towels provided by hotels as I know that it's not thoroughly washed. Make it a habit to check inside the comforters/ linens for unwanted living creatures.

Just because you're staying in a hotel room where they have staff for housekeeping doesn't necessarily mean EVERYTHING is clean. Always be careful where you're staying --- don't leave valuables in your room, give a tip when you like a service and keep the room as pristine as you found it, for the sake of everyone else staying there in the future. Enjoy your summer!