Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Frazzled Cook

Who would've thought that a homey and humble restaurant would create palette tingling, mouth-watering dishes?

This was the case when I first tried dining at The Frazzled Cook. Although I wasn't able to try a lot, I did try their Paella Negra and the usual Paella. I must say that this is far more better than the famous Paella in the Legaspi Sunday Market.


I was also able to try their dessert -- The Pancake Ala Mode (See photo below) and I must say that this is the perfect way to end a sumptuous dinner.


Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera flash that night so I have to request some photos from a fellow blogger, Paul Ang of Maddawg's World. Thanks Paul! All the photos in this 'Frazzled Cook' blog post are his and I just wanted to give credit where it's due.


The Frazzled Cook is located at #916 Luna Mencias Street Barangay Additional Hills, Mandaluyong City

Also, visit:


maddawgworld said...

hi alvin

thanks for posting my pic in your blog :)

Chef Tonio said...

No, Thhhhaaaaank youuuu! :)