Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dawn Zulueta Endorses Golden Fiesta Palm Oil

“When I was still single I didn’t really know how to cook. I didn’t have time to learn because I would just sleep or relax after work,” says Dawn, who used to lead a busy life as a TV and movie actress prior to settling down 13 years ago.

Her husband, Davao del Norte Rep. Anton Lagdameo taught her how to cook. Now, cooking for her family is one of the top things actress Dawn Zulueta loves to do. She enjoys her time being in the kitchen and preparing their all-time favorite fried dishes using the healthier alternative for her family—Golden Fiesta Palm Oil.

In its latest TV commercial (TVC), Dawn is shown using Golden Fiesta Palm Oil in cooking, saying that she gets “less worry, more healthy” with it.

“I love Golden Fiesta Palm Oil because it’s definitely a healthier alternative to other cooking oil. We Filipinos love fried food so it’s best to choose a product that is safe and healthy,” says Dawn.

Golden Fiesta Palm Oil is made from 100 percent premium quality refined palm oil and contains omega9.

“I realized that you cannot lose weight if you are not eating healthy, so I always choose the kind of food that I take. And because I can never give up fried food, I use Golden Fiesta Palm Oil in frying. It doesn’t impede my trying to lose weight,” Dawn says.

She shares that she usually cooks French fries for her husband and fried chicken and burgers for her son. Oftentimes, she would cook stir-fried vegetables, which is her personal favorite.

Aside from being a healthier alternative, Dawn likewise welcomes the news that Golden Fiesta Palm Oil will be more affordable starting this March. Golden Fiesta Palm Oil one-liter packs and two-liter packs will be P15* and P30* less than their original suggested retail price, respectively.

Dawn says that this is really good news for moms like her who prefer this palm oil brand as they can now spend less and “get more with omega9” with Golden Fiesta Palm Oil.

*Per DOH-FDA permit no. 0278 s.2010