Friday, June 18, 2010

Globe's Newest Store: Bringing Digital Lifestyle Closer to People

I love their newest store design. They are veering away from the traditional utilitarian concept and adapts this new and modern concept.
Also, instead of displaying non-working dummy plastic phones, Globe stores now showcases a wide array of working cell phone so that the users can test, try and touch the actual unit. Not only do they offer mobile phones but, they now offer accessories to satisfy your digital lifestyle.
Aside from the gadgets, the new Globe store has a self-help area with interactive touch screen computers. This allows the customers to find out more about Globe's products and services.

The new design features a seamless, semi-circular, 2-section layout. Designed by an award-winning Australian architect from the Public Design Group firm.
The 2-section layout is composed of the inner core and the outer core.

The inner core is called the shop zone. Segregated in 3 parts: Home Life, Business Life and Mobile Life. The outer core on the other hand houses the:
 Self-help area - For those who want immediate answers. Customers can also print a copy of their bill.
 Express Service - For fast transactions like modification of account info and/or subscription plans
 Customer Service - For more complex transactions like opening of new accounts
 Cashier - For bill payments

If you want to see and experience Globe's new store design concept, check out their flagship store at Greenbelt 4!