Saturday, June 19, 2010

Magyar Restaurant - Authentic Hungarian Cuisine in the heart of the Metro

 I've been there several times already -- thrice or more times maybe. So far, this is the only Hungarian (read AUTHENTIC) cuisine here in Metro Manila. Or yet, the only Hungarian cuisine available here in the Philippines!

5 facts about Magyar Restaurant:
* Everything that's possible to create/ make on their own, they do themselves (from the food to drinks to their now-famous customized "scrapbook" type menu)
* Each server creates their own scrapbook which containts a little history about the culture/ cuisine of Hungary and some photos of the food that they serve
* Hungarian hot dog isn't Hungary's signature dish. Goulash is.
* They play Hungarian-type music/ background music which makes the experience of eating Hungarian cuisine better
* Their home brewed iced-tea is ♥!

Here are some of the food they serve:
Old Country Style Bread
Chili Cheese Bread
Beef Goulash - Goulash is known as the Hungarian specialty all over the world. The word gulyás  originally meant only “herdsman,” but over time the dish became gulyáshús (goulash meat) – that is to say, a meat dish which was prepared by herdsmen. Today, gulyás refers both to the herdsmen, and to the soup.

In time, goulash has made its way from the herdsmen’s kettles to the kitchens of even the wealthy. Because of its popularity, goulash soup can be prepared in a number of different ways, and each one has its own ardent supporters. However all agree that the cook should be generous with both meat and potatoes.

MAGYAR restaurant serves a variety of this soup: beef, lamb, szekely (pork and sauerkraut), seafood and mushroom. The last two are not authentic Hungarian versions however these are available for those who prefer fish and vegetable dishes over meat. The ones that you tried were beef and szekely. One interesting story about our szekely goulash is that we had this half Hungarian half American guest. He loved that we were able to keep our food authentic despite the lack of Hungarian in the kitchen and he suggested this version. The next day, in our email is the recipe for this goulash.
Chicken Paprika - Slowly cooked chicken in paprika cream sauce drizzled with sour cream, served with spaetzle and lecso.In western Europe, chicken paprika (Paprikás csirke)became a prize-winning dish at the end of the 19th century, when Georges Auguste Escoffier (1846-1935), the famous French chef, put Poulet au Paprika and Gulyás Hongroise on the menu at the splendid Grand Hotel in Monte Carlo.
Lamb Paprika - A favorite amongst their regular guests.
Langos - This deep fried potato bread is topped with sour cream, garlic and cheese.  This is a popular merienda in Hungary as well as its bordering countries. The name comes from the Hungarian word “lang”, which means flame.
Gundel Crepe

My Top 3 Recommendations:
1. Salmon (Not in photo)
2. Langos
3. Szekely Goulash (Not in photo. yellowish in color)

Magyar Phone Number: (632) 8531397 , (632) 8520376
Magyar Address: Unit 3 Maga Center Paseo de MagallanesMakati, Philippines (How to go to Magyar?)

Magyar Website:
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Please note that this restaurant has already discontinued operations.