Friday, July 2, 2010

Ascof Lagundi - Safe and Effective Against Coughs

Philippines being a tropical country has 2 seasons. Rainy season and the summer season. Just last May summer, we experienced the hottest temperature ever recorded here in the Philippines while the other parts of the world experienced humongous hail storms (insert post link here)

We are now entering the rainy season quarter of the year and because of weather changes, cough becomes more common.

According to Lucy Torres-Gomez, a mom, actress and now a congresswoman,
“Juliana is at that age wherein she is prone to common cough and cold, and I don’t want to give her just any over-the-counter chemical formulation that may prove to be harmful to her health in the long run.  It’s always safer to choose natural medicines instead.”

As per research, one good natural cough remedy is by drinking Lagundi leaves. Since not a lot of us plants them or have access to them. Pascual Laboratory created Ascof Lagundi. A readily-available cough syrup.

Lagundi leaves or Vitex Negundo (scientific name) is now considered as one of the alternative medicines in many countries. It is a shrub growing for about 5 meters high where its leaves are arranged like fingers.
“I always check the label of the medicines that we take. With Ascof Lagundi syrup, it has no side effects. That is why its safe. Spending a few minutes of your time researching or asking your doctor about the right medication you give your kids helps a lot,” Lucy advices.