Friday, July 2, 2010

Panciteria Lido - Not Your Usual Chinese Restaurant

If you think Chinese restaurants are all the same, think again. One of my favorite restaurants, Panciteria Lido , is a unique chinese restaurant.

Way back in the 90's when Lido Restaurant was still around Binondo China town, it was our favorite Sunday breakfast restaurant where other people, mostly chinese gathers and have breakfasts after their morning walk or jog. They grab a Pan De Sal sandwich paired up with Lido's famous Siphon-filtered coffee. Combine the 100 year old brewing method of syphoning with Lido's own special bean blend and the result is a full bodied cup of coffee with an exceptional aroma and an enticing flavour craved by the most discriminating coffee connoisseur. Their coffee is a customer favourite since it was introduced in 1994.

Not only does Panciteria Lido bring back memories but, the tastes remained consistent throughout the years. Imagine, the breakfast you had when you were 5 comes back gushing through your mind and tastebuds 20 - 30 years forward.
What makes Panciteria Lido very unique is the way they prepare their Pugon-Roasted Asado. This carefully cured loin of pork is roasted using an Old-Fashioned brick oven in just the right amount of heat from firewood. Every bite of this ambrosial creation releases exquisite flavour!

Other recommended must-trys are:
Chami- Noodles first appeared in Northern China around AD100. It was the Chinese rulers who were the first to enjoy this delicacy made from long strings of flour which later became a symbol for longevity (or long life) when eaten. Panciteria Lido’s decades old Chami-special was carefully concocted to pleasure the palate of your most discerning guests. This noodle dish has been the best seller of our Pancit category since the day it was first introduced on our menu.

3 cups chicken - Created more than a decade ago, 3 cups chicken (San-bei-ji) has become one of the top selling items on our menu. 3 cups chicken’s origin goes back to China’s Song Dynasty in the province of Jiangxi. This recipe is also a specialty of Ningdu - its unique flavor is reflective of the culture and traditions behind Chinese cuisine! 3 cups chicken is served using the traditional earthenware while it’s sizzling hot!

Hot Chocolate - For just 65 pesos, you get to try their smokin' hot rich chocolaty drink - Watch this video

A little history. Back then, the owner/ chef Mr. Lido put up a modest eatery called Panciteria Lido. Panciteria being the term formulated by the Pinoys for Pancit (noodles) which evolved from the Hokkien phrase “pian sit” (something quickly cooked).

I can say that I, myself is a loyal Lido Restaurant fan. I've followed them from their branch in Binondo to their branch in Ortigas which is now transferred to a new branch in E. Rodriguez (Capital Towers New Manila). In a few months time (August 8, 2010), a new branch will open in Paranaque (Exact address of the soon to open branch in Paranaque is Ground Floor, JOHVER Bldg 1, 23 President’s Avenue, BF Commercial Plaza, BF Homes, Paranaque City) . Check this link out for other Panciteria Lido branches.

Just recently, I've heard some good news. They are now adding more branches AND, those who want to bank on them can now franchise Panciteria Lido! At an affordable rate of less than 5 million pesos ALL-IN, you can have your ROI in as early as 1 year! The average ROI is around 3 years or more. With Panciteria Lido and their partner company who helps you find good locations, they can give you a location and get back your investment in 1 years time!

Here is Panciteria Lido's menu:

Other Food They Offer:
Shrimp Balls
Drunken Lechon Macau
Poached Tofu
For Delivery, please call 414-LIDO ( 414-5436)