Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bust your Hunger with Snickers and Win Awesome Prizes!

Eat, Play a game and win a prize. No seriously. Playing and eating has never been this fun!
The city of Snickers have been robbed of their uber-yummy candy bar, Snickers. Now, they are all out of energy. Help restore their energy by playing the game.

Mechanics are quite simple. Hunt the missing SNICKERS bars and energize the people in the city and get rewarded. Participants who manage to locate all SNICKERS bars and restore energy of the people in shortest time will be winning fabulous prizes!
See? So you've got to energize yourself first before you can energize them! :)

There's a bonus game!

Hunt for the Golden SNICKERS bars across the worldwide web and stand a chance to win yourself a prize! Look out for the clues on, Twitter & Facebook and find out where are the Golden SNICKERS bars.
Here are the prizes you can win:
Sony Play Station
Sony Ericsson mobile phones
Canon cameras
movie tickets
mystery gifts

Go to to play.