Saturday, July 17, 2010

Follow Nestle’s example into a healthier way to gain market share

Nestlé Philippines with the Asian Development Bank, the Philippine Business for Social Progress and the Asian Institute of Management RVR Center for Social Responsibility, organized the Creating Shared Value (CSV) Forum to encourage more companies to embrace the CSV philosophy and become agents of social progress.

Nestle prides itself for practicing CSV before the term was even coined. Through their efforts in increasing the nutritional values and decreasing unhealthy ingredients of their food products as well as ensuring that the populations of different target markets are supplied with their specific nutritional needs, they continue to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Their efforts should set an example for other food companies, NGOs, aid agencies and other sectors of society to work closely with the government to determine sectors where nutritional needs are urgent and ensuring the distribution, availability and accessibility.  A healthy society gains more purchasing power as they are able to work and earn incomes needed for businesses to thrive in. By working together new markets will open in areas that used to not be appealing for businesses. Those on the forefront will be able to establish themselves in this market as well existing ones, similar to what Nestle has accomplished.