Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A dependable Partner for your Financial Transactions

Businessmen, breadwinners, or simply another person trying to help out relatives always wonder if their money will reach their families and loved ones without any trouble and on time. In today’s world where Filipino families are spread apart, not only within the country but also overseas, a need for fast, safe and reliable remittance service arises.

No need to worry about allowing for a certain time period for money transfers, LBC will ensure that your money gets to your loved one as soon as you send it. Lorena’s experience is the best example when she needed to send her niece money in order for her to travel home. With the last bus leaving within 20 minutes, she rushed to a nearby LBC branch to transfer the needed funds for the trip. With LBCs helpful staff she was able to transfer, inform her niece of the tracking number and have her niece safely in the last bus home.

Using LBC for small businesses is also possible as is the case of 20 year old student, Debbie, who sells items online to earn an income on the side while finishing up her studies. Payments are done through LBC and she is able to run her small starter business smoothly.
Whether for business, tuition fees, travel fares or emergencies, LBC Peso Padala is the best choice for financial transactions with its 950 branches worldwide. Working like a partner with its customers for several decades, LBC is reliable and efficient in making sure that your money gets to its destination.