Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010

Another exciting year for the blogosphere here in the Philippines! The end date is nearing and the votes have been casted. It's time to cast my votes too! Just like the national elections, every vote counts.

The votes below summarizes my hobbies and passion - Travel, Food, Drinks and Photography. I'm seriously thinking of creating a new blog for those 4 since they go hand in hand. Maybe I can join next years top 10 influential blogs :)

Top 10 in no particular order:

1. When In Manila
Cool travel blog! Features not only the usual destinations but also, the most hidden and interesting activities and places. Visiting Manila? Check this blog out and know what to do, where to go and what and where to eat!

2. AQC Photography
This might be the first vote for this blog. It's actually my blog and it's mostly about photography and sharing the gospel. I created a gospel-related blog before but it didn't last. What I did is, I mixed photography and shared some bible verses that fit the photo above it.

3. NomNomClub
Food club blog! A must visit blog when checking out food reviews. Not only that, be a member here to get a chance to attend events and other stuff!

4. Foodie Manila
One of the best food and photography blog ever! Check out this guys photos and you'd be blown away. Let's make a petition and ask him to hold a bloggers food photography seminar. Game? hehe

5. Thirsty Blogger
My number one question upon entering a restaurant. "Do you have bottomless iced tea?" haha! I love to drink. I can't eat without drinking and I usually finish 5 glasses of water in a single seating meal. This blog has a lot of featured drinks that will make you want to be thirsty 24/7 so you can try them all!

6. Mommy Lace
Very personal touch and approach. This is one blog I want to create when I am going to have my own baby. Of course, I won't be naming it Mommy Cheftonio.

7. Recycle Bin of a Middle Child
Fun, seriousness and etc. This is one of my favorite random topic blogs around. Keep it up!

8. Fat Girl No More
Cool blog wherein the blogger chronicles her adventures in finding a way to be a fat girl no more. You're doing a great job. More power!

9. Bongga Ba?
Travel and photography blog. 2 of my favorite blog topics. I love his style of photography. Not the usual type of photos wherein we can see everywhere. Teach me!

10. Surviving Autism
My choice of advocacy blog. Teaches her readers how to deal with kids with Autism.

So, until next year. Vote for me next year, ok? hahahaha!

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Pao said...

Congratulations and good luck to all your nominees! :-D

Chef Tonio said...

Thanks Pao!


Alex Dizon said...

Thanks for nominating my blog! :-) Good luck to all of the nominees!

Ria said...

thanks so much ;-)

Fitz said...

Haha. Pareho tayo... "May bottomless drinks ba kayo?"

Thanks sa vote! :D

Cosmo Manila said...

Thanks for nominating Alvin! :)

Vince Golangco said...

Thanks Alvin!!!!

Blogger Manila said...

Whew, it has been a few weeks since the awarding, Ngyn lng ako nagbrowse para maka-thank you sa ibang nag-vote.

Thank you very much!

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