Sunday, August 29, 2010

3rd Entrep Summit Learning - Organized by JCI

First of all, I would like to thank Vince Golangco for the 2 tickets I won from him and 1 ticket I got from Arvin Ello that gave the 3 of us siblings a chance to attend the JCI's 3rd Entrep Summit.

This post would summarize all the learning I had from today. I took notes but since I am currently out, these items are those that is stuck on my mind.

In no particular order,
- Viral videos are not made. They are a product of great content (Vince Golangco)

- Companies creating social media accounts work like double-edged sword. It can make or break them.

- No need to reply to all the inquiries. Sift out the questions, delete trolls and respond to legitimate inquiries and issues. (Yves Gonzales)

- Differentiate, differentiate, differentiate. (Lex Ledesma)

Although there is one statement I don't fully agree because of this explanation. Read: (danger + opportunity ≠ crisis)

Stats from Donald Lim
98.6% of online pinoys have watched online videos
Philippines rank #1 in terms of uploaded photo at 86.4%. China is only second.
28million Filipinos are online. 83% of those are part of a social network.
We are the text capital of the world. Now, we are also the social networking capital of the world.

There are actually more information and new learning than those above. Looking forward for the next Entrep Summit.

Also thinking about joining the JCI Manila :)



Roch said...

Didn't see you there... you should join JCI manila, looks like a cool organization :)

Chef Tonio said...

you were there too? it was weird that I didn't see the other bloggers! I was with Jason and Vince on the left front side.

I saw Azrael's sister and Jonel. :)

Vince Golangco said...

Thanks Alvin! Glad you enjoyed it!

Art Blogger said...

You're welcome, Alvin! Interesting insights! :)

Too bad, I wasn't able to attend it because of a playwriting workshop in UP-Diliman. I know i missed a lot! :(

Share more pls.