Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lucy’s Recipe for Beauty

Part of feeling good of course involves your food intake. Despite the help she gets from Immuvit and her fitness regimen, Lucy is also careful about what she eats. Lucy’s diet usually consists of brown rice, fruits, and vegetables, and she usually munches on healthy snacks. Her full meals have appropriate portions and she controls herself from binging.

Like the most beautiful cakes or the most mouth-watering dishes, Lucy Torres- Gomez’s breathtaking beauty is something that makes everyone curious to know the recipe to. This multi-tasking public figure defies the belief that beauty fades with age. In fact, she seems to be more beautiful than ever.

Lucy’s recipe for her beauty is not so much a secret as she shares with us how she is able to handle her multiple roles of being a wife, mother, TV host and newly- elected congresswoman. The combination of multivitamins, fitness regimen, healthy diet and a positive take on life helps this busy woman keep up with her busy schedule and remain as beautiful as ever.

Feeling good leads to looking good. With the help of Immuvit, her chosen multivitamins, Lucy has the energy and drive to keep up her fitness regimen that consists of dancing and yoga. This regimen, with the help of the combination of two ginsengs, Korean RPC Ginseng and Siberian Ginseng, CoQ10 and other essential vitamins and minerals found in Immuvit helps Lucy feel like she can take on anything life throws her way.

The two ginsengs help revitalize the body and increase its resistance to fatigue as CoQ10 protects the body against the damages caused by free radicals and boosts the immune system. The other benefits to be gained are protection of cells from oxidation, cell regeneration, help in breaking down toxins and digestions of carbohydrates and fats. Women, like Lucy, will be happy to discover that Immuvit will help keep them looking and feeling young and energized.

The final ingredient of her “beauty recipe” is having a good attitude, which is just as important as multivitamins, exercise and a healthy diet. Beauty starts from within. Just look at Lucy!