Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Students and Police Pose in front of the Bus at Quirino Grandstand


What are they thinking? They are just triggering more ire from the Hong Kong nationals!

By tomorrow, these students would make the news for sure.

Have you seen the comments from the Hong Kong nationals? We can't blame them for their strong emotions. The photo above just ignited their anger more.

As per my sources, those students are from Philippine Normal University

Please think before you act and stop doing these heartless acts. This is not a tourist spot!

Read some of the comments here > http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1683803&fbid=1598867811890&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=155378367806057&id=1241862545

May the victims rest in peace.

and for the PNP photos below, hold on to your emotions. The photo might be edited.
Well, I just saw another version of the photo:


The photo might be real after all.

[Deleted some parts of the blog posts including the comparison and image analysis after concluding that the photo is authentic]

Your own analysis is welcome. Post in the comment section please. thanks!


Anonymous said...

after all, they still have the guts to post, they dont even thought of the family of the victims or the victims felt when they are there inside that bus, pay some respect if you want others to respect you, to those students i know who you are and what school you came from " nakakahiya kayo ganyan ba ang ituturo niyo sa magiging istudyante niyo?", nakakhiya from my part and from others who had been part of that school...nakakahiya kayo...hindi yan tourist spot!

Anonymous said...

Interesting... I initially thought that the 2nd pic is Photoshopped, but having a second perspective (3rd pic) seems to make it real after all... The shadows are consistent, the contrast of the 3rd pic seems consistent (as opposed to the second pic, hence I came up to the assumption that it was shopped)... The last pic seems edited as well... Well, at least that's my opinion :)

Mijur said...

made a more serious repost of this article and to give a lesson to them and everyone.. thanks for this post

Anonymous said...

This is very insulting. watching this in the news earlier made me and my mom teary eyed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what do you mean maybe right or wrong?

this is totally a wrong activities that hurt Hong Kong people's emotions.

Anonymous said...

nakakahiya ang mga estudyanteng ito!!! dapat malaman kung anong school cla, mga walang modo, mga walang pinag aralan!!! ano s tingin nu jan tourist spot!!! MGA IDIOT!!!!!! malaman ko lang ang school nu ipapamalita ko sa lahat na wag mag aral sa skul na yan mga walang kwenta ang studyante, utak lamok!!! mga tanga ... dapat sa inyo binabaril jan... bobo.....

Anonymous said...

mga estudyanteng polpol, mga idiot, tanga at walang kwenta. sana kau ang tinamaan jan ng bala... nakakahiya sa PHILIPPINE NORMAL UNIVERSITY, dapat aksyonan ninyo etong mga estudyante nu na nagpapicture sa harap ng bus, isang malaking kahihiyan, kawalang respeto sa mga namatay, yan ba tinuturo sa inyo, ni hindi nu naisip napaka sensitive ng lugar na yan, ni hindi nga dapat jan makita na patawa tawa, dapat jan mag alay kau ng panalangin. anong ginawa nu nagpapicture pa kau, bakit may kasiyahan ba jan na dapat ay magpapicture kau para may souvenier kau. bobo talaga, lalong nagalit ang mga intsik sa ginawa nu, hindi nalalyo ang utak nu sa mga pulis na nagppicture din, mga utak lamok kau lahat. naKAKAHIYA KAYO!!!!!

Anonymous said...