Monday, August 23, 2010

Philippine Hostage Situation - Photo of Captain Mendoza

I'm not an expert nor do I know these tactical strategies.

This was a clearshot earlier that day:

Snipers could've taken care of him!!

Clear shot, right? Also, there are some matters that the media can't simply announce and interfere with. Like what I tweeted earlier, one station announced the police strategy. What prompted the shots was the arrest of his brother. Shortly after that, multiple shots was heard.

Killing that rogue ex-police isn't enough. He deserves more than that.

Now, the Philippines is again famous (not in a good way) as all the international news agencies and local news agencies showed live videos. BBC, CNN, Chinese News Channels, Etc.

Also, crowd control wasn't enforced because as soon as the clear sign was given, the mob composed of media, police, and tons of civilian started to move in! I know it's easier said than done but, these are just my observations.

Ms Cherie Gil tweeted: "2000 hkg tourists cancelled their trip this December. Another 5000 Europeans just cancelled!"

...and now, this event is trending in the twitter world!
#Philippines #Quirino Grandstand #Ronaldo Mendoza #Hostage Taker #Filipinos #Philippine #PNP

Monitoring tweets now,

By Juiceee: Hong Kong  just banned the Philippines. Not only this is ruining lives, but it is also ruining cross-country relations. Sad.
Hong Kong is still to issue an official statement. Do not spread rumors about the travel ban and war between Philippines and Hong Kong.

It's now official. Hong Kong just issued a travel ban to the Philippines

The Outbound Travel Alert (OTA) System aims to help people better understand the risk or threat to personal safety in travelling to 60 countries that are the more popular travel destinations for Hong Kong residents (HKRs). When there are signs of threat in a place that may affect the personal safety of HKRs, the Security Bureau will assess and consider the need to issue an OTA taking into account factors such as the nature (e.g. whether it is targeted at travellers), level and duration of the threat.OTA currently in force:

OTA Countries

(Click country below for supplementary information)
Severe threat
Avoid all travel Philippines

Manila Police, at it's finest! :|



Vince Golangco said...

Positive thoughts go out to all those affected.

Hey I was just curious as to where those numbers came from? The cancelled travels and the Philippines going on the HK banned list?

Might just be speculations right now.

mel said...


akosiliet said...

Sir I have my blog about the role of the media in this incident: HINGGIL SA NAGING PAPEL NG MIDYA SA MANILA-HOSTAGE TAKING (Aug. 23, 2010)

Please leave ur comment or u cud also post it here in ur blog thanks!

Boffill said...

"You ought to be thankful you weren't inside that bus. Otherwise, I wouldn't find you here ranting about how weak the system is or complaining about what will happen next to our country. I hope the next time you turn on your television, you realize that people just died."

Quoted from my Ex girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, very well said - "the snipers could have taken care of Mendoza", the snipers could have take him down in a flash.. No more gunshots, no more deaths, no more pain, no more lost, no more Filipino dishonor/shame.. Ah, the PNP had been too confident of the thought that Mendoza is not hostile, as they described him to be.. Come on guys, people could change if under emotional crisis!!

Anonymous said...

I say this one year later.... Philippines is BASKET CASE country.