Monday, August 23, 2010

The Recipe to be a Souperstar

Charming photos, delightful posts and inspired recipes make up the ingredients for the website of the “souperstar” Lea, a self-proclaimed “domesticated Carrie”.

Who would’ve thought of turning ordinary soups into something more sumptuous or adding excitement to a simple fried chicken with the use of Knorr soup products such as Cream of Mushroom Soup? Or if you already did, this souperstar has beaten you to blogging about these delicious recipes and sharing with others her creativity and love for her family, her “soupermen: as she refers to them in one of her posts.


Becoming a souperstar involved not only her inspired recipes using Knorr products but also the help of her friend who works for Unilever. She shared with the people of Knorr a blog that contained posts using their products. Her ingenuity deserved the attention and eventually a co-sponsorhip by Knorr.
Her adequately named site: features her food adventures and happy moments spent with the two loves of her life; her six year old son, Gab, and her husband, Paolo. Along with these she shares recipes that use Knorr soups as an ingredient that adds to the taste of the food, becoming a muse to fellow mothers and even non-mothers in the kitchen!
From copywriting for ad agencies to keeping house and taking care of the two loves of her life, Lea manages to keep a career as a freelance writer and part-time blogger. Lea Souperstar really does like to mix things up!

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