Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Workstation: Revealed for the First Time

Before anything else, let me say this first . Less than 5 people  in the whole world have seen what kind of workstation I use, ever since. I'm not saying it's amazing or what. I'm just not the showy type :)

It's for everyone to see now. here it is:

My Workstation
L-R (1) 17" Monitor (2) 12" Twinhead H12y (3) 12" Twinhead H12y (4) 15" Acer Aspire 2012

My original laptop was a 14" Compaq Presario 1721 (not in photo) which conked out after 5 years of use. My next laptop was the Twinhead. Why 2 Twinheads (No pun intended) ? Well, my sister got a company laptop so I decided to borrow her laptop for as long as she has her laptop. Good deal, eh? hehe. The one on the right most side is the Acer 2012. It's the only laptop that can accommodate games like Grand Theft Auto. It was my mom's laptop but then, she doesn't use it and I voluntarily help her decide that I will use it. Yes, I asked permission. :)

If you want to know if a laptop can withstand a beating, have me test it. My laptops, as seen in the photos operate 24/7. I do not turn them off. Some of them has a notebook cooler below. I had my Twinheads for almost 3 years now and this explains the laptop discoloration. I bought a CDrKing silicon keyboard cover and it helped decrease the discoloration.

What do I use them for? One of the Twinheads is my main laptop. This is what I bring when I go out. The 2nd twinhead is for movie editing and other basic programming stuff. The Acer is for entertainment. Sadly, I don't have much movies stored in any of those laptops because I do not have space :(

How's my hard drive free space?
(2) Twinhead H12y - 2GB / 80GB
(3) Twinhead H12y - 5GB / 80GB
(4) Acer Aspire 2012 - 3GB / 40GB

See? This is the reason why I decided to show the world my workstation. Yugatech is having a contest that's giving away a 1TB Hard Drive from Western Digital. 1TB!!! Just thinking about it makes my smile reach my ears! :D

If you want to join too, here's how --

Want an extra 1 terabyte HDD? Check out the YugaTech-Western Digital giveaway —

Good luck to everyone joining, including me :D