Sunday, September 19, 2010

Backyard BBQ, De Paris Pizza & Air Philippines Lightning Strike - Boracay Day 5

Woke up the latest on my last day at Boracay! Had buffet breakfast at the beach side cafe then took a quick dip in the beach.
 Le Soleil Beach Cafe
Underwater photo of me - Boracay Station 2
Unobstructed by wind breakers - View of Boracay

We had lunch at 'I love backyard BBQ' at D Mall. Their baby back ribs was something else!!! I then learned that they have another branch in station 1 -- Hawaian BBQ, which also has a branch in Tagaytay.
I Love Backyard BBQ Restaurant (D Mall)
Huge ribs! at 'I Love Backyard BBQ'
Ice Cold Lemonade at 'I Love Backyard BBQ'
Bangus Tuna Belly at 'I Love Backyard BBQ'

Don't order the tuna belly. It was dry and dissappointing. I didn't like the sizzling bulalo too but my mom did. Their lemonade was refreshing but I'm not quite sure if it's homemade or powdered drink.
 Our colorful luggages

Before leaving, we went to De Paris Restaurant to take out their seafood pizza to snack on while waiting fo our flight back to Manila.

Cagban Jetty Port terminal fee = 20 pesos per person

Our land and sea transfers from Boracay to Caticlan was provided by Southwest.

We snacked on the pizza while waiting for our flight then we remembered that we forgot to buy drinks! We had no choice but to buy drinks at the airport. Gatorade in bottle costs 60 pesos each and the mineral water costs 30 pesos. Pepsi in bottle costs 40 pesos.

Upon boarding the Q300 Bombadier from Air Philiipines, I was surprised with the large legroom. Little did I know that the curve from the lower part of my window seat would affect the way I seat, thus, a backache upon arrival at Manila NAIA terminal 3.
SM Mall of Asia - Aerial View
SM Mall of Asia - Aerial View

Oh! Our plane was also hit by lightning. Saw it with my own eyes. Too bad, I stopped the video recording 10 seconds prior to the lightning strike.
Before landing, we passed by SM mall of Asia and saw the US carrier near a few kilometers out from the shore.

That was my first time in Boracay and I'm sure to go back there!

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Happy Feet said...

I've been to quite a lot of places in the Philippines already and that includes Boracay...

But reading your blog made me realize that, I have surely missed some things during my previous stay there...

I had just posted my first blog and its about Pagbilao, Quezon...
Your article made me appreciate blogging even more...

Anyways, Good job with your blog, and i will surely take your experiences with me as I visit the lovely island again next week...

*although I tried texting "kuya Ariel" baka busy hehe... I'll just try to look for him in Boracay then...