Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MiLi Power Pack & MiLi Power Skin Review

iPhone was one of the greatest tools that made a lot of lives easier. It was so powerful that it almost replaced computers. Almost. Of course, nothing is perfect and nothing satisfies humans. This attitude fuels our brains to create more and more advanced gadgets to make life easier.

I won an iPhone last year and ever since, it helped me be more productive even on the road. I had internet access 24/7. I clearly remember the third day I had my iPhone -- Ondoy happened. This calamity rendered my iPhone useless. Paperweight type of uselessness. This is when you'll realize that without power, you're gadgets are just plastic and metal art decorations.
 Typhoon Ketsana (Local name: Ondoy)

It was after that incident that I decided to buy something to charge my iPhone whenever I need power. To date, I have the following gagdets to prevent my iPhone from losing power:

1) Belkin retractable cable (Sync and charge, Paired with #2)

2) MiLi Pocket Pal

3) Several iPhone battery portable chargers (review 1, review 2 and review 3). most items in this number, failed.

4) AA portable usb charger (Photo not available)

5) MiLi Power Pack (Actual photo below)

6) MiLi Power Skin (Actual photo below)

7) Belkin car charger
The items in number 3, 5 and 6 functions similarly. The MiLi Power Skin and Power Pack are the only ones that worked.

The other portable power chargers didn't even last a month. After a few cycles of charge, it didn't hold the power anymore. No warranty sucks. 7-day warranty sucks too. Before you can test yourr unit, 7 days would go by.

The MiLi on the other hand has a 1-year warranty. as per research, it's a known brand in China and other countries. Also, this is one of the few emergency battery packs that is recognized by Apple.

The MiLi power skin and the MiLi power pack.

MiLi Power Skin
It's one of the slimmest emergency batteries made for iPhone. Available in black and white, it doesn't only give more power to your iPhone, it also makes it more elegant and stylish.

It performs the way it should perform. It can carry an iPhone's one full charge worth of power. Another thing I like about it is, You can push a button to manually charge your iPhone. If your iPhone reaches the lowbatt warning, it automatically charges your iPhone.

When your iPhone is fully charged, it will stop the charging automatically. When you are charging the MiLi power skin via AC power, your iPhone will also charge. Time needed to fully charge your MiLi Power Skin is roughly around 1 hour+. Using AC, it will first charge your iPhone then, the MiLi Power Skin.
Left side is my iPhone on a MiLi Power Skin (White)

Also, included in the package is 1 USB cable used to charge the MiLi power skin. This same cable can also be used to sync your iPhone.

Note that if you have invisible shield installed, you can still use your MiLi power skin but it will be hard to remove the case once it's on. Anyway, I do not recommend Invisible Sheild or G-mask. It attracts more dusts to your gadget.

MiLi Power Pack

MiLi power pack, on the other hand, as the name suggests packs more power! If you are a heavy user like me, I couldn't stress more how much you should get this gadget NOW!

This also comes in black and white, the MiLi power pack can supply your iPhone 2-full charges worth of power! Imagine, if your iPhone is fully charged, your now holding an iPhone that is worth 3-full charges!

Time needed to fully charge your MiLi Power Pack is roughly around 3 1/2 hours+. Using AC, it will first charge your iPhone then, the MiLi Power Skin.

Similarities with the MiLi Power Skin and the MiLi Power Pack:
- Can sync and charge at the same time
- Can charge manually with a single press of a button
- Battery indicator on the right side (MiLi power skin) / front (MiLi power pack) to see how much power you have left with a push of a button
- 1 year warranty
- When they say it holds 1 (MiLi power skin) or 2 (MiLi power pack) charges worth of power, it really does that. I have used both firsthand.
- Lightweight
- Available in Black and White

Advantage of the MiLi power skin
- Features a slimmer profile
- Has a detachable top cover for the top part of your iPhone
- 1 full charge worth of power
Advantage of the MiLi power pack
- 2 full charges worth of power
- you can share the power to other gadgets via USB cable other than your iPhone
- It can charge your iPhone and another gagdet via USB at the same time

Who's the MiLi power skin for? It's for:
- those who want it slimmer
- those who are always in a hurry (to fully charge the MiLi power skin, it'll take around 1 hour+)
- Light users
- those who wants fully covered gagdget from top part to bottom part (except front)
Who's the MiLi power pack for? It's for:
- Heavy users (always on 3g, games all day long, movies etc)
- those who has multiple gadgets (you can use MiLi power pack to charge your other gadgets via USB, on-the-go!
- those who always removes their sim card (top part is open)

Watch a short video I made for the MiLi Power Pack and MiLi Power Skin below.

Php 2950.00 for the Power Skin
Php 3200.00 for the Power Pack

Nothing to disclose. This is not a paid post.

Follow MiLi:
Email them at:

Where to reserve and buy your MiLi products? Check out the availability below:

SM Megamall (Power Mac Center)
4/L Cyberzone, SM Megamall Bldg.B
(Beside Lenovo and Lyric)
Tel. no.: (632) 633-7452 / 633-7454
Fax no.: (632) 633-7438
Text line: (+63917) 512-9669

Greenbelt 3 (Power Mac Center)
2/L Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center
(Beside Music One and First Aid)
Tel./ fax no.: (632) 729-7128
Tel. no. for Solutions desk: 729 - 7088
Text line: (+63917) 580-6852

Power Plant Rockwell
(Power Mac Center)
R3 Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center
(Beside Orange Juice and Royce)
Tel. no.: (632) 757-6687
Fax no.: (632) 757-3858
Text line: (+63917) 515-5394

SM North EDSA Annex (Power Mac Center)
4/L Cyberzone, The Annex at SM City North EDSA,
(Beside JBL, in front of Cherry Mobile)
Tel. no.: (632) 441-1881 to 82
Fax no.: (632) 441-1883
Text line: (+63917) 515-5391

SM Mall Of Asia (Power Mac Center)
3/L North Parking Bldg, SM Mall of Asia
(Beside Electroworld and North Parking Building entrance)
Tel. no.: (632) 556-0791
Fax no.: (632) 915-1948
Text line: (+63917) 515-5389

Trinoma (Power Mac Center)
3/L Mindanao Parking Building
(Beside Calvin Klein and Mindanao Parking entrance)
Tel. no.: (632) 901-3981
Fax no.: (632) 901-3980
Text line: (+63917) 515-2671

SM City Marikina (Power Mac Center)
G/F SM City Marikina, Marcos Highway, Marikina City
(Beside Sony Ericsson and Max’s Restaurant)
Tel. no.: (632) 477-2056
Mobile #: (+63916) 699-0471

Festivall Supermall (Power Mac Center)
3/L, Festival Supermall
(Beside Astrovision and in front of Kenny Roger’s Roasters)
Tel. no.: (632) 703-5292
Fax no.: (632) 659-3386
Text line: (+63917) 515-5389

Podium (The A. Shop)

Eastwood Mall (The A. Shop)

Glorietta 4 (The A. Shop)

Ayala Avenue, Makati City (The A. Shop)

Park Square 1 (Switch / Sw!tch) 

Alabang Town Center (Switch / Sw!tch)
Stall #125 sports, hobbies and fitness complex

UP Technohub  (Switch / Sw!tch)
Ground floor, UP-Ayala Technohub

Ayala Marquee Mall (Switch / Sw!tch) 
Ground floor, 1055-1056 Ayala Marquee Mall 



Roch said...

good review but how much does it cost?

Chef Tonio said...

Hi Roch :)

Php 3200.00 for the MiLi Power Pack (2000 mAh)

Php 2950.00 for the MiLi Power Skin
(1200 mAh)

Mike said...

WoW. definitely interested in buying the power pack this weekend. thanks for this review

jumper29 said...

oki ang price tama lang

pano magorder? ty

tina said...

thank you for this review. at least my iPhone won't be a useless paper weight come afternoon because it easily gets drained.

I will visit The A shop soon.

Chef Tonio said...

@Mike, yes! go get one and be on 3G 24 hours! hahaha

@jumper29, sorry, I don't sell them. :) Check out the stores are the bottom of this blog post. It's available there. (Thanks for the idea.. maybe I could sell them too) hahahaha!

@tina, yes. on 3G, my iphone won't even last past lunch. Now, experiencing low battery is a thing of the past :)

Me 8) said...

Wow..I wish I can win one too..maybe the Ipad ha...thanks again

Anonymous said...

MiLi is awesome! it is exactly like the reviewer described. I have a MiLi Power spring 4 for my iPhone 4 for quite some time. I am waiting for the first shipment of Power Pack 4s to arrive here in the U.S.! 3000MaH for my iPhone 4....yes please. can find them from for preorder through some of their approved retailers on eBay(cheaper too).

Cheftonio said...

@anon, hi! if you're in the Philippines, you can find the MiLi products in the stores I mentioned above. That way, you'll have warranty for a year. +)