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Parasailing, Willy's Rock, Jonahs Milk Shake & Sand Sculptures - Boracay Day 4

We actually had no clue of the activities for the day -- Zero plans at all! I consulted this guy named Ariel, based in front of Le Soleil and recommended to me by  the guard of Le Soleil.
Wind Breakers along the Boracay Beach path  even if it wasn't raining - prevention is better than cure
Thank God for a perfect weather on a September :)

He suggested that we do Parasailing. Although I personally have tried that out twice prior, the price was not so expensive that we decided to try it out since the view in Boracay up in the air is of course not the same with the other places I've been to.
Our Parasailing Speed Boat

Upon boarding the speedboat, we headed towards the platform where we would transfer to another boat for the parasailing. I was surprised that the boat for parasailing was very nice! It has soft leather seats, clean white cloth like roof and awesome music with bass that makes you feel that you're on a private yacht party!
Platform where you will board the speedboat for Parasailing
Getting ready to Parasail

The weather was good and the winds were strong. That is why they agreed that the 3 of us siblings go together at the same time. The view was something else up there although while at it, I'm worried that
the rope might snap off. That is the usual fear I get when I go Parasailing. But really, what would happen if it does snap of? Will I soar freely not knowing where to land? Yes, those are the thoughts running through my
mind at the first 2 minutes above the air. After that, it was pure enjoyment and sightseeing!

[Parasailing Video up in the air to follow]

The landing was smooth even if the waves weren't cooperating because upon transfering to the speedboat to go back to the island, we were bouncing up and down like Tigger in the Disneyland ride 'The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh'

We decided to wait for my mom where we disembarked because we were scheduled to eat lunch at station 1 --Willy's Beach Club Hotel.

It rained pretty hard while we were on our way to the restaurant. My mom got tired so my parents decided to eat at a persian restaurant near Willy's rock. They said the food there was not so good and comparing it to the Persian restaurant at the corner of Tomas Morato and E Rodriguez, the one in Metro Manila is 10x better!

Upon reaching Willy's Beach Club Hotel, we were warmly welcomed by the general manager, Socorro Ruchanne Gadon a.k.a. Bebot and we were lucky that she wasn't busy at that time. We engaged in a meaty conversation while having our scrumptious lunch.

I learned that she grew up in Boracay island and she is an advocate/ volunteer to safeguard the islands' natural resources. Her spirit of volunteerism has reached various high positioned officials in Metro Manila, and because of that, it was resolved one issue at a time. She might have got it from her dad, which was the previous vice mayor of the said island.

To know more about Willy's Beach Club Hotel, visit
Willy's Rock - Located at Boracay Beach Station 1

After lunch, we went outside the beach and took some photos of the famous landmark in Boracay called Willy's Rock. It's exactly in front of the Willy's Beach Club Hotel.
Willy's Rock - Located at Boracay Beach Station 1

It was scorching hot so as we were walking, I was looking for something to drink. It suddenly dawned on me that Jonah's milk shake, also famous in Boracay was I. Station 1! (I saw several branches of
Jonah's milk shake in Boracay)
Mango Banana - I Love Banana Shakes!

I ordered 2 banana-mango shakes. Our total bill was 198 pesos. I wasn't expecting it to be Starbucks-expensive. Also, I was surprised that they were serving several kinds of food there. See menu photo

My verdict of the shake I ordered? So-so and overrated.

Upon reaching the hotel, we then rested for a bit and called for the in-house massage of Le Soleil. I think they outsourced it but, wow, was it good! Never have I gotten a massage tahr good here in Manila.
If you know me, you'll know that I'm fond of massages. In-room massage at Le Soleil costs 400 pesos. We gave them 100-peso tips each.
Boracay Sunset - Sometimes not as beautiful as the sunset in Manila Bay but, just as breath taking.

Since we only have a few family pictures taken at Boracay, I dccided that we meet at the beach front around 5pm+ and wait for the sunset for a family picture.
A restaurant along the beach path. Can you guess where this is?

Timing was as planned. We then walked to D Mall to try out Ole. A Spanish/ Cuban restaurant at Station 2.

The paella valenciana was one of the best paellas Ive ever tried. Best paella for me was the one in Salcedo Sunday Market.
Paella Valenciana - Php 599.00

Lengua Estofado was so-so. Didn't like it that much. I like the Abe version of Lengua.
Lengua Estofado from Ole - Php 459.00
Garlic Bread Appetizer - FOC
Mushrooms Pan Fried w/ Garlic - Php 249.00

I also ordered the banana shake in Ole. Of the 3 shakes I tried in
boracay, I would rank them in this order, in terms of yumminess:
1) Le Soleil Beach Cafe Banana shake - Php130.00
2) Jonah's Milk Shake - Php 99.00
3) Ole Banana Shake - forgot exact price, less than 100 pesos

Since I was trying hard to packlight, I removed some of my shirts prior leaving our house in Manila. I was then presented with a problem because I have no clean shirt to wear come day 5! It took me more than
an hour just to find a shirt that I like.

I got a shirt from island souvenirs. I'm a frustrated diver. I already did 3 introdives. The shirt I got was nice. It has this shark drawing in front with the colors of the diving flag on the body of the shark. Below it was the name, 'Boracay'. Similar thing at the back of the shirt, just a different angle.

Upon going back to the hotel, I immediately got my laptop and went straight out to the beach cafe lobby to leech the free wifi signal Le Soleil is providing. Tons of work backlogs. Ordered a Pinacolada (Happy
hour = buy one take one). It costed me around 160 pesos or something. Happy hour at Le Soleil starts at 5pm until 10pm. Worked until past midnight until laptop died on me. This is our last night at Boracay.
Le Soleil Bar PinaColada - Php 120++

Since I wasn't able to post some of the Day 1 videos, here they are :)

These kind of sand sculptures are famous in Boracay. You can have a photo with these sand structures just by giving a tip to the people guarding it. They actually built it and I'm not sure if this is an organized business or just a spur-of-the-moment thing with the locals.

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- Cheftonio


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