Friday, October 1, 2010

4 Basic Tips in Taking Care of your Relationship

This article is written by a guest blogger who's close to me. Let's keep his/her identity a secret as of the moment. :)

I consider relationships as one of the most important things in a person’s lifetime. Whether its family, friends or with a special someone - it is important that we take good care of these as they are one of the greatest gifts God has given us. I’m no good in relationships as I myself am learning from the everyday experience that life brings but here are some tips on how to have a healthier relationship with your special someone.
      Communication is one of the most important secrets of a healthy relationship. Let us not assume that our partners know everything about us and how we would react on things. When you feel uncomfortable that your boyfriend hangs out with his lady officemates, let him know how you feel about the situation. When your lady hitches with a guy friend to and from work, let her know that you feel awkward about the situation. Again they wouldn’t know what’s running in you mind until you tell them and explain to them what you’re really feeling inside.
Be open-minded and Understanding
      There is no perfect relationship and every single one of us has a different view on a lot of things. It is important for us to open our ears for what our partners would have to say. Instead of opening and using our mouths when argument arises, allow our ears to work and listen to what our partners would have to say. Try to understand their point of view and never raise your voice when you try to discuss your point. In this way, fights and heated arguments may be avoided.
Learn to say "Sorry" and have a Forgiving Heart
     Even though you wanted to have the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend, chances are, you'll never find that person as nobody is perfect.
Each one of us has our flaws so we much learn to forgive one another just as how God has forgiven us.
When there are disagreements, instead of playing the blame game, initiate to say that you are sorry as relationships never work when one doesn't have a forgiving heart.
Spend Quality Time Together
     In spite of your hectic schedule and overtimes in the workplace, have the weekends off to bond with your family and loved-ones. Whether it’s a movie-date or a short afternoon tea, spending time with them will definitely make them feel loved.
Of course, don't forget to mark those important dates in your calendar because you remembering these special events would definitely mean a lot to them.

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