Sunday, October 3, 2010

8 Healthy Living Tips You Know but Aren't Doing

This article is written by a guest blogger who's close to me. Let's keep his/her identity a secret as of the moment. :)

Staying healthy no matter how young or old you are – is considered to be one of the most challenging yet fulfilling mission one can achieve. Being slim doesn’t mean that one is healthy and being chubby doesn’t mean one’s not. Here are a certain pointers that we should consider in order to maintain healthy bodies.
Eat more fruits and vegetables
     Let’s admit it, vegetables are the last thing in the list you would want to eat. When there’s nothing left to eat, it is only then that we munch on these leafy vegetables. At a very young age, we should learn to start balancing our diet or better yet, being more inclined to eating fruits and vegetables compared to meat. It is also a good practice if we include vegetables in our children’s every day meals so they get used to it at a very young age.  Daily vitamin intake is also recommended - read this
 Avoid those junk foods
     I myself, am a junk food lover and I never stop eating until I finish the entire bag of potato chips (not to mention French fries which I also am a fan). These kinds of food should be avoided and should only be eaten once in a while. A good replacement for those would be fruit chips (banana chips, apple chips and the like) which I think, is a lot healthier.
Include exercise in you diet
     Make it a habit that you do exercises on a regular basis as it is important that you burn the food that you intake. Like what most health experts would say, when one wants to be slim and physically fit, it is better to eat regularly and burn it through exercise rather than to depriving oneself of food.
Drink lots of water
     Water is the most essential part of one’s body as every cell in our body needs water in order to live and water is needed to maintain metabolism to work properly. It is necessary that we drink at least 8 glasses to avoid dehydration. Do you want a healthy water drink to take care of your digestive system? read this
Avoid those unhealthy Vices
     Smoking and drinking alcohol is a no-no if you want to maintain a healthy body as these would only bring harm to your lungs and liver in the long run. I know it will be difficult at first, but thinking of the long-term benefits of quitting those vices are very much worth it.
Relax and De-stress
     Work will definitely cause stress. It is necessary that once in a while you do your de-stressing activities like going to salons or have you foot spa. Pampering yourself like going to spas and have your weekly massage is one sweet treat that would make you feel rejuvenated.
Have Enough Rest
     Sleep is a very essential part of our health as it does not only give us energy from the outside but it also plays an important role in the maintenance of our cells and organs. At least 6-8 hours of sleep is needed in order for our bodies to function well – so do not deprive yourself of sleep whenever you feel like resting!
Commit Everything to God before the day starts and end
     It is unhealthy to sleep in the evening when you have a lot of things and worries in mind as it often leads to sleepless nights. Before the day ends, it is a good practice to cast all your burdens on God because He cares for us and He will take care of all our problems.



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