Thursday, October 7, 2010

6 ways to be Eco-friendlier

There have been a lot of campaigns in saving the environment. One of which is actually reducing and re-using. Every single day, we are said to produce tons of waste that harm the environment to the extent that plastic bags will have to be charged in supermarkets this November. Let me give you some instances how we, in many little ways, could greatly save our mother earth.
Keep an Eco-Bag handy at all times
     For those ladies who are a certified shopaholic, always keep an eco-bag with you. Imagine shopping for 10 items in 8 different boutiques, you will be saving a lot of plastic and paper bags with your re-usable bag! I’ve actually given my girlfriend one last year (not that she’s a shopaholic) and it has greatly lessened her paper bag trash every time she goes shopping.Check out SM Eco Bags. They are cool, chic and of course, eco friendly.
Bringing your own bottles
     Instead of buying bottled water every time you do your jogging, why not bring your reusable water bottle with you? If you are a coffee addict, buy a coffee container that you could use whenever you go to cafes. This not only saves you money (as containers are usually deductible) but it also saves the environment from rubbish that may be eliminated.
Buy more durable items
     One thing that you must look at when you purchase goods is that whether it is durable so you won’t be replacing it over and over again when it’s broken. A good example of which would be the shoes and bags – sometimes it is better to purchase those more expensive ones because of the quality of material they use.
Bring your "baon" and don’t over-order your food
     I must admit, most of us have been used to eating out in the office. It’s perfectly fine for those restaurants who recycle their utensils and plates but what about those that use disposable ones? When eating out, it is best that we order food enough for us to eat as leftovers are usually wrapped in foils and plastic and brought home.
Scratch papers
     I’m sure those people who don’t take much notes like me leaves around half of the notebook unused by the end of the term. You could still use half of it the next term or if you prefer a new notebook buy the 50 leaves instead of purchasing the usual 100 leaves. Unused portions of the notebook could be used as scratch papers too.
Tissues... Tissues...
     In most pay restrooms inside the malls tissues are free-flowing. Normally, we consumers would consume more than the needed tissues since we’ve paid for it. It is a challenge, even to myself, that we only consume the right amount so as we don’t have to add to the paper trash that has been accumulating very fast daily.

Just a few little things but mother earth would be happy if we’ll be more responsible with our actions. Let us not forget that change always starts with an I. Cheers as we start to be an eco-friendlier me!