Monday, October 11, 2010

How to Setup your Huawei e5830 MiFi (Mobile WiFi) with Sun, Globe and Smart Network Settings

This is the coolest mobile broadband gadget currently around! If you want to know what this Huawei e5830 can do, read this blog post: Mobile Internet Gadgets - Sapido, Huawei and ZTE

This blog post will teach you how to setup your MiFi Router, specifically the Huawei e5830. If you are interested to know the internet settings for each network, this is also the right post.

Want to know more?

This unit is plug-and-play, meaning, once you connect the Huawei e5830 MiFi to your laptop or PC, it will autorun and install the program needed for you to set it up.

Steps in setting up your Huawei e5830 and making it work for Sun, Globe or Smart mobile broadband:
1. Plug the Huawei e5830 to your laptop or PC via USB
2. Install the program
3. After installing the program, an icon will appear on your desktop:
4. Double-click it and run the program
5. Upon loading of the program, this will be the main screen:

6. Select tools from the menu:

7. Select Profile Management

8.  Then, click new
9. You only need to enter 2 details. 1 is the APN and another is the Dial-up number.
10. For the which APN to use question, select "Static"

To know which APN and Dial-up Number to use, check out your preferred network below:

Sun Prepaid
APN: minternet
Dial-Up Number: *99#

Sun Postpaid
APN: fbband
Dial-Up Number: *99#

Globe Prepaid
Dial-Up Number: *99***1#

Globe Postpaid
Dial-Up Number: *99***1#

Smart Bro
APN: smartbro
Dial-Up Number: *99#

Smart Buddy
APN: internet
Dial-Up Number: *99#

For smart connections, go to "Advance" and choose "PAP" then Save.
(be sure to activate your Smart sim first for internet use) To activate, type 3G ON and GPRS ON send to 333, MMS ON send to 3401


APN: weroamplan
Dial-Up Number: *99#
After entering your respective APNs and Dial-up numbers, click save. You can also select the "default" option if you want a certain connection to be default.

For this to work, you have to have an openline Huawei e5830. Those for sale in Globe aren't openline so, other networks won't be able to connect.

If you want an openline / network unlocked Huawei e5830 MiFi (Mobile WiFi), check out this blog to order your unit. Limited stocks only.

If you want to add any information to this post, feel free to post a comment below :)

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B said...

I bought an E5830 in HK and cant get it to work. Apparently, I have to unlock it for local use. Can you point me where I can have it done?

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HI, will I be able to use this in the US?