Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Huawei e5830 Setup: Password Protect your Mobile WiFi (MiFi)

Congratulations on your MiFi! You now have the mobility to move from one place to the other, at the same time, bringing your 3G broadband connection anywhere you go!

It's very convenient to have one! I no longer need to subscribe to different broadband subscription just to access internet from my different gadgets. Believe me, most people nowadays carry at least 1 to 3 gadgets equipped with WiFi but not all is equipped with a 3G capability.

For instance, an Apple iPad without 3G versus an Apple iPad with 3G has a price difference of around Php 5,700.00 in the US. Here in Manila, the price difference averages around 7,000 pesos! Rather than getting the 3G version, I suggest you get the WiFi only version then buy one of the Huawei e5830 MiFi here in Manila, Philippines.

Not that we are selfish but, for security reasons, we need to password protect our MiFi connection. This blog post will teach you how to password protect your Huawei e5830 MiFi.

Want to know the step by step procedure on how to password protect your Huawei e5830?

Step by step procedure on how to password protect your Mobile Wifi (MiFi)
1. Double click the '3 Wifi Manager' to open the MiFi manager program

2. You will see this interface upon loading of the program. Select "Advanced Management"

3. Then, you can change your SSID to a name that you want. (SSID is the name that will appear when you search for your MiFi connection using your laptop, iPad, iPhone or whatever WiFi equipped gadget you have)

4. Click "security settings" as seen on the left side of the screen.

5. Several options to select from. Since I am only familiar with WPA-PSK, I selected that.

6. Input your desired password "save" and your done!

Note that whatever password you put into your MiFi, that password can still be changed without asking for your old password when plugged to a PC. This password protection is only good for password protecting your 3G broadband connection while you are on the go, and not protecting the gadget itself from further use when stolen.

Hope this post helps! Enjoy your Huawei e5830 MiFi!

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