Thursday, August 11, 2011

JUMP Experience Center - Mobile, Internet and Business Needs in 1 Hub

I was invited to attend the launch of JUMP the other day. The first JUMP center is located in the Cyberzone of SM Megamall.

So.. What is JUMP?
It's what they call an "experience" center. A lot of gadgets and technology now needs to be tried and seen first hand to fully experience and appreciate it. It's designed to cater to your tech cravings like the internet and mobile phone needs, as well as home and business solutions. It's just some of what Smart, PLDT, TV5 and Signal HD can offer.
Quoting their description,
"It's a bold shift from the usual retail center to a cutting-edge display of convergence and innocation."

There are different sections inside the JUMP Center. Check out the image map below.

Section 1 - JUMP Avatar
I made my own avatar and using Augmented Reality technology, you can make your character dance using a piece of paper. Good for those who can't dance.

Section 2 - Springboard
This is where you can attend trainings and workshops FOR FREE. From PC Trouble shooting training to smart phone 101 to gadget basics. It's all here. Just visit the center to check out the line up of seminars.

Customer Service over there at the bar area

Section 3 - Customer Service / JUMP Squad
This is where the good dudes and dudettes are stationed. They are called JUMP squad and they are there to help you with your needs and requirements. Ready to serve!

Section 4 - Panorama
This is where the huge 82" Panorama multi-touchscreen is located! This is where you can learn how the PLDT group of companies change lives by making things extraordinary.

Section 5 - Arena
A platform like area where they will hold product launches and display the latest sought after devices in the market and including those not yet in the market. I tried the HTC Evo 3D phone here first! It is really something else! It's not like I dream of owning but having tried how a 3D phone would look like is pure awesome!

Behind the arena

Section 6 - solutions Zone
Home needs? Business Solutions? Check out this section and let the JUMP Squad personnel assigned there assist you with your needs. They will recommend solutions and do an actual demo for you to fully experience what they are talking about. I saw the TELPAD here and it looked awesome. Just how I pictured a future home would look like. A TELPAD is a device where you can make a phone call using the phone and surf the internet using the tablet device above it. Very modern!

Section 7 - Stay Connected
Divided into 3 sections namely Mobile Zone, Internet Zone and International Zone. For the Mobile Zone, they will feature here the latest gadgets and you can fully experience them by using the actual unit! The internet zone on the other hand can let you discover the internet connection that is best suited for you.

You can also try them out and do a speedtest. I did a speedtest on the new SmartBro Rocket Plug-it yesterday and it was amazingly fast! For the international zone, this is where you can find out offers that can keep you and your family or friends abroad connected.

Section 8 - JUMP Billboard
This located at the entrance. The first LCD will feature the JUMP center map. The rest of the LCDs will feature the happenings inside the JUMP Center like seminars in the Springborad, new commercials from partner companies and the latest technologies offered by Smart and PLDT.

When I was there, I also got to try lots of cool gadgets and some of those are not even released on the market yet.

JUMP is brought to you buy the PLDT group of companies - Smart, TV5, Signal and PLDT. It's a good response from a marketing perspective because this year, it's all about consumer engagement.

Check out JUMP online:
Facebook:  http://www.http://www,

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