Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ford Ranger SUV 2014 [Photos]

The classic F-150 SVT lightning
There's something with Ford. I never got attracted to their vehicles before, except for the F-150 SVT lightning. But recently, their innovation and technological features seems to draw more and more attention. Just recently, they applied a new strategy called "One Ford".

Ford hopes to produce more than two million vehicles a year around the globe that are all made from the same basic parts and assembled in plants that use the same type of tooling. The goal: leverage design and manufacturing economies of scale to wring huge savings from its $50 billion annual budget for auto parts. ~Wall Street Journal

So basically, Ford is saying that the car purchased in Europe is almost exactly the same as the car you will purchase in America or Asia. With that said, not only are they leveraging on the economies of scale, they are also putting it a notch higher in terms of design for Asia AND the spare parts would be easier to source in the long run as they will be the same parts anywhere in the world.

Early last year, I was drooling over the new 2012 Honda CRV. Some might not like it and some may. Come 3rd quarter 2012, I was really hooked on the features of the Ford Focus and when I actually saw a live unit while I was in Europe, I really fell in love with the design and sleekness of the 2012 Ford Focus.

And the latest car I will be drooling about is the Ford Ranger SUV (7 seater). Out of all the SUVs, the Mitsubishi appeals to me because of the value for money, the Toyota Fortuner appeals to me because of the design, the Chevrolet Trailblazer doesn't appeal to me at all BUT this new Ford Ranger SUV caught my eye.
(I'm not quite sure if they will be mixing Ranger and Everest or they will still remain separate. If this is how the new Ford Everest looks like, well, it's 100000x better than the current one!)

My favorite is the blue and orange one! Before Ford Ranger SUV came out of the news, I already wanted the Ford Ranger pickup but I don't find it appealing for weekend use. It's more of a work horse. This SUV solved that dilemma!

I wonder how much this SUV would cost here in the Philippines? I'm guessing it would be around 1.4million pesos up.

Here are some more renderings from: http://www.autoevolution.com

UPDATE: (August 13, 2013)
Ford just unveiled their Ford Everest SUV concept! So we are somewhat sure now that there won't be a Ranger SUV else it will overlap with each other. I must admit that this is one GOOD LOOKING SUV from Ford! (Somewhat reminds me of a Dodge SUV though)

Since Ford has the One Ford plan, if this will be the new Everest SUV, we will more or less have this same Ford Everest 2014 model here in the Philippines. More updates soon as we get them.

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Arthaniel said...

Nice... I am waiting for the 2014 ford everest/ranger... I think it will more like be "everest". The problem is they made too much 2013 everest that they have hold the release.