Monday, April 22, 2013

3 Reasons to Own a Pocket Wifi NOW

A few weeks ago, I over heard a group of friends talking about how awesome it is to have a pocket wifi because they can connect all their gadgets with just one subscription and they can have internet connection anywhere they go. I guess up to now, people has yet to know the convenience of owning one.

Here are 3 things that I think are the best reasons why you should own one NOW:
1) Words cannot define how convenient it is
Bring it anywhere you want! It is very convenient in a sense that you don't need to depend on the establishment you are visiting for their Wifi connection. What's worst is that some establishents even impose a "minimum purchase" in able for you to use their wifi. What might not be convenient for some though is the thought of bringing another gadget with you. But, if you are going to think of about it, you're going to "save" money by having a pocket wifi rather than getting all your devices one subscription each.

2) It's cheaper than ever
Right now, it's becoming more and more affordable. Way back when I had my first pocket wifi, it costed me more than 6,000 pesos just to have the very basic unit. Now, it's more cheaper than ever and if you even get a subsidized unit, it could be even cheaper than the prices outside. For example, Smart is selling a prepaid pocket wifi package for only P2,895! That's 1,000 pesos less compared to their original price of P3,895 before. If you're deciding whether you should get a pocket wifi or a dongle, I highly recommend that you get the pocket wifi because you won't need a laptop just to connect to the internet and you can use up to five devices with it, sharing one subscription.

Baby hands
3) It's more reliable than ever
This is actually another part of convenience. Having a pocket wifi is useless if you're using the wrong network. A few years back, I used network A. It has signal almost everywhere except the places where it mattered to me the most. Kinda useless, right? Another network I tried, Network B, has better signal BUT, having signal without actual data connection won't also work.

If you're thinking of what network to use, let me honestly tell you this. I've tried all the 3 networks that we have here in the Philippines. I'm a mobile data afficionado (if there's even such a thing) and I just love to be connected online. It's sort of an addiction of mine and ask all my friends -- They know that I am almost never without an internet connection anywhere I go. Even when abroad, I get a local sim that is data capable. I've traveled all over the Philippines and have seen and tried what network works. I guess I know what I'm talking about when I say that a certain network works.

Right now, Smart has a postpaid offer. P999 for a postpaid pocket wifi plan (Just 800 one-time fee cash out). I have one and the good thing here is, in places where there is LTE signal, I can maximize my 3G connection because it boosts up to almost 5mbps (download speeds). If you want a faster connection, I suggest that you try out their LTE plans (which averages around 15mbps as per my testing). And by the way, I never experienced data capping. It has been unlimited as per my experience so far.

Here's what to expect when you get a pocket wifi from Smart:

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Post is not sponsored. The pocket wifi in the photo is a unit I won from a contest.
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boredbumbero said...

this is the device that i have! :)

Cat said...

does the smart prepaid wifi one also work even though youre in like, say, on a mountain? like...benguet?

Cat said...

does the prepaid one in smart work even up on the mountains? like, say, benguet?