Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Closer Look at Woman's Bestfriend

This article might not seem appealing to men, but you might want to finish this read especially when you're about to look for the perfect proposal ring  to your soon-to-be-wife. I'm not an expert in this, but seeing a lot of women wear these shinning shimmering stones made me curious, so I did a little bit of research on the hardest mineral on earth - Diamond. This might actually be the reason why this specific stone is used in jewelries people wear everyday (wedding ring, proposal ring or her ordinary "bling-bling") because it is "scratch-proof" compared to the other precious minerals/stones that could be easily scratched when worn. Diamonds can only be cut by their own kind.

There are four C's that you need to consider when purchasing them: Carat, Clarity, Color, Cut.

Carat or size is one of the first things that people consider when buying stones. It has been a normal perception that the bigger the carat, the more expensive the stone. all else equal, this is true BUT when you consider the rest of the other C's, this might not be always true. One thing is sure, prices of these are usually in brackets and the bigger the stone, the more valuable the diamond is - a piece of 2 carat is far more expensive than 2 separate pieces of 1 carat.

Clarity is the more complicated one as it has a  lot of levels, from flawless to included3. This is actually checking how clear the interior of the stone is from spots and other impurities. Based on what I've read on the internet, the clarity criteria that's only visible in the naked eye will be the lowest grade which is Included. The other categories might need a magnifying glass or a microscope to be able to see the impurities.
Diamond Clarity Comparison
Color might not be visible, but the whiter the stone, the better and more expensive the diamond is. Colors start from D which is  also known as 100% white to Z which is yellowish in color. A good alternative to the yellowish diamonds is having it cased with gold setting so that the color of the stone would not contrast with the color of the metal.

Last but not the least would be the Cut of the stone. This might not seem important to most people but do not under-estimate this last C because this is the reason why a diamond shimmers. Excellent cuts lead to brilliant shinning diamonds that's why it would be more expensive compared to the more ordinary ones.

Of course, it's difficult to know every single detail of a specific stone. Because of technology, diamonds in recent years have a unique laser inscription registry that's actually etched on these stones and could only been seen when magnified. Certificates are being issued by reputable gemological institutes with the matching laser inscription it has which contains the complete summary of the four C's. With this, you are sure that you get what you've paid for.

I hope we are able to impart with you some ideas on the woman's best friend! 

Diamond Clarity Comparison photo taken from http://diamondcaratsize.org/
Photos taken from sxc.hu

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