Thursday, April 25, 2013

Things You Might not Know About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the best destinations be it for shopping, relaxing or just plain eating all you can. In the many times that I've been to this small island, there is always something new to explore in every visit. Here are a few things that you may not know about this island that may be of help on your next HK trip.

Making cellular phone calls. They have a different ruling with regards to making calls via cellphones. Previously, it was the receiver of the call who pays. At present though there have been quite a number options that are available: caller pays for the phonecall, recipient pays for the phonecall, or both caller and recipient pays for the phonecall. So before purchasing their local sim, check with the provider what their ruling is with regards to outgoing and incoming calls so that you will be aware of your expenses. Smartone, Pccw, One2free, 3G, People are some of the network providers there. 

Office lunch breaks are usually during 1-2pm. Not too sure about what time they start working but it has been their practice to have their lunch at this time. Make sure you get to have lunch before their scheduled lunch so that you wouldn't spend time queuing. It's also been a normal  practice (for those small restaurants by the streets) to share your table with other people especially during peak eating hours so don't be surprised if someone is requested to seat with you - don't worry, both of you will be billed separately.

Signature items in Hong Kong are cheaper compared to Manila. This is because their luxury goods are already tax-free during purchase (except for liquors and cigarettes). I personally think it's more convenient because there's no need to claim tax refund anymore when you reach the airport.

Yummy eats everywhere. Whether you eat in a fancy restaurant or those along the streets, you will never be disappointed with their Chinese food which is better than what we have here in Manila. So make sure you get the chance to grab a dimsum or two before leaving the island. 
Their eggtarts also taste great!

Watch out for China holidays! When planning your HK trip, make sure it doesn't coincide with a long holiday that China celebrates. Since HK is their shopping destination and getaway, chances are, there will be lots of people in shopping malls and theme parks. Also, these are the times when hotel prices are high. Labor day week, China National Holiday, Chinese New Year are just some of the extended vacation days that China usually celebrates.

I hope we were able to help you plan your next HK vacation! Even though the island is just 2 hours away from Manila, they experience cold winters during the months of December to February and hot summers during July to August. Make sure you check the weather forecast so you could bring the right clothing to be able to enjoy your visit to this lovely place.

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