Friday, April 26, 2013

Famous and Historical Australian Casinos

In some parts of the world gambling and casinos have been around for hundreds of years, one place that has a fairly new casino scene though is Australia. Here gambling laws that didn’t allow casinos to open were only lifted in 1972, since then though the casino scene has been growing to the same strengths as everywhere else in the world. This may be because of online casinos as well as the influx of great casinos to the country.

But if it is famous and historical casinos you are looking for then you have to go back to where it all started. After the change in the laws in 1972 a casino was built for the February of the next year. This was located within one of the most beautiful parts of the country Hobart, Tasmania. The Wrest Point Hotel Casino which overlooks the Derwent River has since become a prime spot for both Australians and tourist around the world to visit and for good reason as the casino is as good as the surrounding views.

However cities may be more your thing and so a casino within the largest city of Sydney would be more up your street. The Star is a small entertainment city in itself, with everything you could ever want to entertain yourself with. It has many different restaurants to try and enjoy, then a whole nightclub to go and enjoy yourself in during the night. This may all sound impressive but the casino is where all the true fun is had. It has a massive floor with all the different table games you could ever want as well as a whole variety of slots for you to play – there is a huge variety here, and it is imperative that the choice remains due to the amount of choice available at online casinos like Anyone who is an avid gambler will be in heaven here. Then after your had day gambling you can go and relax in the full health and spa facilities available within The Star.

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