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Smart vs Globe iPad LTE Comparison (Postpaid and Prepaid)

I'm not an early adopter but when I sense that a device is worth the spend (subjective), I grab the opportunity. When I first got an iPad in 2010, a brand new iPad 64GB + 3G costs 41,000 in the grey market. I got that same iPad for 36,000 pesos including several accessories worth around 4,000 pesos by buying a one week used unit. Until now, I'm still using that same iPad.

When Smart released their iPad LTE price plan, it triggered that same excitement whenever I sense a good deal. I immediately made a comparison of Globe versus Smart postpaid and prepaid iPad LTE plans to see which is really the BETTER deal. Check out my notes below.

Smart vs Globe (Plan 999)
for both iPad with Retina (4th Generation) and iPad mini comparison

The better offer: Globe or Smart?
For the iPad 4th gen under postpaid plan 999, Globe is cheaper by maximum of 2,000 pesos in the highest capacity unit and about less than 700 pesos difference for the base unit.

With the iPad mini, Globe is lower by around 400 for the 64GB model and both Globe and Smart are tied on the entry level 16GB unit.

Smart vs Globe (Plan 499) 
for both iPad with Retina (4th Generation) and iPad mini comparison

Why does Plan 499 make sense?
There are no available Globe plan 499 for iPad plans. 

For Smart there is and this plan makes sense. How? A lot of people are spending around 8 hours in the office and around 10-12 hours at home where WiFi is probably available. 50% of the restaurants and establishments, including malls offer free WiFi here in the Philippines. On weekends, you can use the consumable data included in plan 499 which is 65 hours. You can use that 8 hours a day during weekends or use it 2 hours a day daily! Well, if you're a heavy user, you'll probably get the plan 999 anyway.

With Smart's anti-bill shock, your bill stops at 999 but you are still subscribed to data. Here's a better explanation from Smart: "Anti Bill Shock Feature: Beyond the 65 hours, default charging is P10/30 minutes until you reach a maximum amount of P999 a month. Upon reaching P999, you will already be able to do unlimited surfing."

Installment terms comparison: Globe vs Smart?
Globe: Only up to 12 months (under 24-month lock-in) and limited credit cards (BPI, Citibank, and HSBC credit cards only)
Smart: Up to 24 months and any credit card

Smart vs Globe (Prepaid)
for both iPad with Retina (4th Generation) and iPad mini comparison

Prepaid iPad LTE wars: Smart or Globe?
Globe is cheaper but Smart comes with an LTE sim with a free 7-day subscription! Honestly, grey market is way cheaper. If you're not after the subsidized units under the plans with the great offers, I highly suggest that you go get yourself a grey unit. (Grey market. Not the color of the iPad as someone emailed me)

And by the way, there's no prepaid LTE for Globe. No more maximizing your iPad's features.

It all depends on what your priority is. 

If you are not a heavy data user, get Smart's plan 499. I highly recommend that because you can choose to spend less or use more but with a fixed maximum amount.

If you are a heavy data user but wants to save a bit, Globe is your choice.

If you are a heavy data user but cares about the bang for your buck in terms of  the speed (service) you'll get, I highly recommend Smart. Here are my reasons:
1) UNLIMITED LTE for 24 months! That itself is a VERY good deal. If you haven't tried LTE, try Smart's LTE service. It's addicting. That's a warning.
2) Smart's LTE coverage is waaay better compared to Globe.
3) Lots of freebies including 20% vouchers which could add-up to way better savings compared to just saving a few hundreds on-the-spot.
4) For those young at heart and are savvy in adapting to the times, teaching your folks won't be a problem anymore. In this Smart LTE iPad plan, 2 sessions for "digital lifestyle sessions" are included. You're free to go kid. You're welcome.
5) Sometimes, having a heavy duty case to protect your gadget is not enough. There are also companies who offer gadget insurance nowadays. If you go directly to the insurance company who offers this, you cannot avail of this offer thus, you end up paying 1,500 pesos more. With this plan, you can save as much as 40%!
6) I don't consider the neoprene sleeve freebie an advantage but the fact remains that it's still an advantage and free.

Basically, you save more when you get the iPad LTE plans from Smart. Bottomline, Smart is the BETTER deal. The bang for your hard earned buck!

Tip: But wait, there's more! Not sure if Smart will kill me for this but this iPad LTE plan can actually be an advantage if you are planning to get a mobile data connection subscription. Why? Because this is the only plan that guarantees 24 months of unlimited LTE. Apple required that so, thanks Steve! Smart LTE plans are currently unlimited only until June 30, 2013. I do hope that they extend this as this is their third extension, I think. The only way to secure an unlimited LTE plan for 2 years is via these iPad postpaid LTE plans from Smart.

If you already have an iPad, just get a Smart Prepaid LTE sim. I've personally tried my LTE sim on an iPad 4th gen and I was impressed! Imagine what a device so powerful, with a good battery life and stunning resolution can do with a LTE connection that really works. Here are some actual video tests I did with Smart LTE using an iPad 4th Gen and this was not the best performing one yet:

Not applicable though if you choose Globe. There's no prepaid LTE yet for them.

Starting today, May 18, 2013, these iPad plans from Smart will be available in 52 Smart Stores nationwide. More info? Visit

In the end, you still decide. I've shown you my notes. Up to you to decipher based on your needs. Hope I helped!

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Ely said...

Good read. Do you have any idea if data capping and data throttling are enforced with these new iPad LTE plans?

I mean, whats the use of blazing speeds if you only get a (rumored)cap of 1.5 gig a month (15 gig at most --or so they say ) before they throttle down your data connection to dial-up age speeds once you get tagged as a "heavy user" by the system?


Anonymous said...

my guess is, smart will keep extending there LTE promo until globe will decide to make there customer pay for LTE service. tsk tsk

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you've tried the most of your LTE. Smart's LTE does have a cap of 2GB regardless of your plan, once the cap has been reached then u will be switched to 3G. But nice read