Friday, May 17, 2013

Smart iPad LTE plans

Starting tomorrow, Smart will be offering iPad LTE plans! You can get an iPad mini wifi + cellular at an P8,000 discount and pay as low as P13,990 for the 16gb model. (Pay in cash or avail of the credit card for 12mo installment at ZERO interest.)

iPad Plan 999
iPad mini wifi + cellular (16gb - P13,990) ; (32gb - P18,990) ; (64gb - P23,990)
iPad 4 wifi + cellular (16gb - P21,990) ; (32gb - P26,990) ; (64gb - P31,990)
*Device cost charged on top of plan service fee of P999/mo

iPad Plan 499
iPad mini wifi + cellular (16gb - P875/mo) ; (32gb - P1,083/mo) ; (64gb - P1,240/mo)
iPad 4 wifi + cellular (16gb - P1,167/mo) ; (32gb - P1,333/mo) ; (64gb - P1,542/mo)
*Device cost charged on top of plan service fee of P499/mo

1) Free reversible neoprene sleeve

2) Vouchers for discounts up to 20% on accessories. (A Shop, Switch, Power Mac)

3) Complimentary tickets for two to "digital lifestyle sessions" at Jump. Sessions start on June 2013.

4) Best priced insurance against theft or accidental loss and damage for as low as     P1,371/year. (If you go directly to theinsurance  provider, you pay around 40% more)

1 valid ID (If existing postpaid subscriber)
Proof of income
Proof of billing
Fully accomplished SAF (form)

Important Notes:
*Lock-in period of 24 months
*Plan 499 only comes with 65hours of 3g/LTE but comes with bill shock protection for data internet. It just means that if you exceed 999, you only pay 999 pesos. 
*For prepaid units, same SRP outside.
*iPad and iPad mini plans get 24 months of unlimited LTE.
*For plan 499, you will be charged 10 pesos per 30 minutes block time. When your bill reaches P999, it stops there.

More information as the press conference progresses. Will update this post. For questions about Smart iPad LTE plans, feel free to post them on the comment section below.

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