Monday, June 3, 2013

Bunwin Boutique Hotel in Cambodia

Some first impressions last and some don't. With this hotel, I'm glad it didn't. From the airport, we were picked up by our hotel service. The problem is not the service of the driver. Upon reaching the corner of our hotel because which wasn't along the main road (highway 6), we entered this dark bumpy alley and traveled around 500 meters until we reached the hotel. We were already thinking how the hell we would go out of the hotel when it is that dark and quite a walk from the main road. The good news is, the bad first impression was just up to that point.

All the semi-negative initial impression was removed as we entered the hotel lobby. Even though we arrived around 10pm, we were still warmly welcomed. Cold towel and a refreshing lemongrass juice was served perfect for the warm weather.

(Photo of the pool above taken the next day. Beside that lounge chair is a short skimpy path leading to our room)

Check-in was fast. Just present your passport and fill up a quick form. It was again quite dark on the way to the room but it was okay because the moon was bright that night. I recommend that you bring a flashlight if you have eyesight problems just to be sure. 

The room was impressively huge. There's are chairs and a table behind the bed, a queen bed in the middle of the room, a bath tub inside the room decorated with floating flowers, a sink area which is also inside the room. Inside the bathroom, there's the usual loo and a rain shower with pebbled stones by the gutter. Very zen like design. 
(Bath tub inside the room)

Below are some images of our room cropped put from a panorama:

The good service doesn't end there. Even though it's already late, we wanted to grab a quick bite before going to sleep. We went to the famous tourist-y  pub street but how sis we manage to walk out of the hotel? Well, transportation services are also included via their own tuktuks! Their service is only up to 11pm though so we had to take out own tuktuk back to the hotel for a bargainable fee of $2.50 which started at $4 I think.

Breakfast was also i cludes in the rate it was you choice or continental, american or asian breakfast. I ordered the American breakfast (poached egg, ham, sausage and bacon). They also provide bread and juice with coffee or tea.

To continue on with Bunwin hotel's tuktuk service, on the second day, we had a dinner reservation at the Touich Restaurant. It was atound an 8-10 minute ride I think. Their tuktuk dropped as there and we called the hotel to pick us ul and brought us to the night market. After night market, we called them again to fetch us. This is really service deluxe in my opinion.

Another great service was the mobile phone. Why? They lent a phone to use to use if we were to call the hotel! This is the first time I've experienced this kind of service. 

These are just some of the obvious why I will highly recommend Bunwin hotel when you're visiting Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Here are some photos of the place:

Bunwin Boutique Hotel
National Road #06, Samaki Market Zone
Phum Banteay Chas, Siem Reap, Cambodia