Friday, June 28, 2013

Easy Breakfast: Speculoos Pancake

Because it's almost weekend, we decided to make our breakfast extra fun. As Trader Joe's Speculoos has been a popular craving of kids and kids at heart, we decided to make it our topping for our Banana flavored pancakes.

Here's the ingredients we used:
1. Any 200g pancake mix
2. 3 pieces ripe bananas
3. A cup of skim milk or whatever milk you prefer
4. 2 pieces eggs
5. 2 tablespoon of butter
6. Trader Joe's Speculoos
7. Pancake Syrup (optional)

How we did it:
  • Properly beat the eggs in a bowl 
  • Add the pancake mix, butter, then milk and mix them well (you may add a little water when necessary)
  • Slice the bananas and mash them properly before mixing them with the pancake mix
  • Heat your pan and put butter as base before pouring the mix
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes before flipping your pancakes
  • When done, put a spoon of Speculoos on top to make it tastier. Pancake syrup is optional since some find it too sweet.

Have a happy and blessed weekend!

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