Saturday, June 29, 2013

BPI Express Mobile App -- Updates and New Features

I've been taking advantage of the BPI Express Mobile app ever since they launched it. It is , as a BPI client, to be using their BPI mobile app when paying bills, transferring funds, checking balances.. all is done in a few clicks so you won't even need to go to the physical bank itself.

When you do a physical bank transaction, you spend at least 20 minutes to an hour depending where the nearest branch is and how crowded it is in that branch. If you really need to go to the bank, I suggest you use their "BEA Online" service. It's an appointment system wherein you can specify the branch, date and time of your visit so you can more or less plan your schedule for the day more accurately. Here's the link: BPI BEA Online

With the app, just connect to the internet using WiFi or mobile data and you can do a lot of banking transactions whether you're stuck in traffic, stranded in a far far away place or on vacation! BPI is really  literally, 24/7 banking.

Here's what you can do with the new BPI app (Even without logging in):

   1) Check the details of the BPI branch nearest you
Using your phone's GPS, you'll be able to find the nearest BPI branch or ATM wherever you are! You'll also know the address and phone number of that branch. Hopefully, they'll have a service that will allow you to check if the ATM is actually online or offline. Another feature that they are trying to improve on is the ability to know whether the branch you plan to visit is crowded.

   2) Check out promos
The ever famous credit card charge slip promos is now available to be viewed inside the app! No more need to have a hard time searching for an updated lists of credit card promos for BPI as this is already integrated in the new BPI app.

    3) Check foreign exchange rates
It's unified in the app and once clicked, you'll be redirected to BPI's website containing the forex rates. Though not updated real time, they update this daily and is actually a good guide.

   4) Quick links to other BPI related services
For other new features, updates and apps or BPI related news, you'll be able to see it all here. Think of this as a shortcut to BPI related news and services so you won't need to check outside the app for news. They also linked their Facebook and Twitter page here.

Here's what you can do with the BPI app (Must be logged-in):

    1) Check balance and transaction history
The most useful feature. I can check my balance so I'll know real time if my transaction pushed through. You can also review your transaction history so you'll have details of it when you need it the most. A practical application is for online transactions that I do. Whenever I buy something and the seller has a BPI account, I can almost instantaneously deposit my payment. Same thing happens when someone else buys from my online store. I can immediately check if the payment was indeed deposited to my account.

   2) Transfer funds to your account or any BPI account
Online shopping is big now and paying other merchants with BPI accounts is a breeze! No need to line up! Just a few clicks and you're done! You must enroll first by doing the following:

    (How to activate BPI transfer to anyone)
2.1.1) Log-in online to you BPI account online
2.1.2) On "Other services" > "Express Mobile Maintenance" > "Mobile Banking" > "Enable Transfer to Anyone"
2.1.3) Go to a BPI ATM near you to activate your request. You'll receive instructions how to activate via ATM after you send your activation request.

OR by using the BPI Express Mobile App!
2.2.1) Login the app > Click "More" > "Enable Transfer to Anyone"
2.2.2) Go to a BPI ATM near you to activate your request. You'll receive instructions how to activate via ATM after you send your activation request.

   3) Pay bills or send prepaid load to selected network carriers
Pay bills wherever you are! With this, you save time by not going to the bank and money by never missing a deadline again! Pay BPI related bills and 3rd party bills like Merlaco and Maynilad (and more!) Also a useful feature, you can reload prepaid credits instantly! I just hope they integrate Smart prepaid as well in their app as Smart has a huge user base and this will surely benefit a lot of people.

   4) Manage your investments
When it comes to investments, time is of the essence and when timing is crucial, you need a tool that is available on demand. With BPI's new app feature, you can subscribe and redeem investments almost instantly! For first time investors, you need to visit your nearest branch first and for succeeding transactions, just use the app and it's good as done!

Those are just some of the major functions that's going to be really helpful for a lot of us. And by the way, it's available in the App store(iOS) and Google Play (Android)! PLUS, they made an app specially for the iPad! No more x2's!

Thanks for the banking convenience, BPI!

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