Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chinatown Discovery: Quick Snack Restaurant

Visited Chinatown last weekend with my mom and decided to try out something new. It was new for me as it was my first time to eat here but my mom frequented this place with my grandmother when she was younger.

Quick Snack is hidden along a narrow alley called Carvajal St. where both sides are lined up with fruits for sale, there is really nothing fancy in this area but you can feel the old Chinatown vibe still present up to now. Stores line up as you walk and during Saturdays and Sundays, it can get more crowded than the usual.

Don't expect VIP service but that doesn't mean that the service is bad. This is the usual by-the-street busy Chinese restaurant feel like in Hong Kong and that's what you should expect. Grab yourself a seat, sit down and take your pick.

Quick Snack Menu

Special menu written on glass by the right
They even have a daily special menu up on their wall written on a glass. A modern touch yet functional. These restaurants doesn't care about the theme. They care about the food they serve and that's one of the reasons they still exist. Quick Snack or Quik Snack has been here for more than 50 years already. The owner, an Indonesian-Chinese, came from Indonesia.

Kidney Dish P85.00
Oysters with Taosi P85.00
Kikiam a.k.a. "Ngo Hiong" P65.00
My favorite is the Ngo Hiong among the 3. The best I've tasted is from Sincerity (just nearby this area) but this also comes close. The "atchara" siding is not as good though as the one from Sincerity. For 65 pesos, this is definitely worth it and I highly recommend that you order it.

The kidney and oyster with taosi was just so-so. As I said, I'm not expecting something very special here but instead, a plethora of familiar dishes. They are well-known though for several dishes including, Kuchay Ah, Sate Noodles and Buko pandan salad among others.

I'll definitely return whenever I am around the area so I can try out the other dishes they offer.

Quick Snack / Quik Snack
637 Carvajal St., Binondo Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
(+63 2) 851-0226, (+63 2) 242-9572

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