Monday, July 1, 2013

Video Downloader for Android: Videoder

I'm a fan of music streaming via online radio. Depends on the mood, I either stream or just listen to local radio. Last week as I was reviewing an Android phone and I decided to install a video downloader software similar to MXtube (iOS Jailbreak app). I forgot what I searched in Google Playstore but I discovered Videoder and decided to try it out if I will like it.

Videoder is as simple as it can be. Once installed, the first page you'll see when you open the application is the "search video" section. Just type the video you want to look for and download it. What's cool about it is you can pause your download so it won't get interrupted. I think it searches the Youtube library for downloads.

I downloaded an entire Bossa Nova album that is available in Youtube. They have a lot of compilation inside Youtube where you can just download and listen anytime without the need for streaming.

Here's the download link to download it in Google Playstore:

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