Monday, July 29, 2013

Must Try Restaurants in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is considered to be one of the best places to head to when you are looking for something unique to eat or simply enjoy good Chinese food. Last May, we were able to spend a few days there to try a few restaurants and let me share with you some of these simple must-eat places whenever you visit Hong Kong.

1. In love with ramen? Try Ippudo (一風堂) as we consider it to be the best ramen place we've been to. Not only is the soup flavorful, but the noodle itself was cooked perfectly. Since some of their orders doesn't include ajitama, I suggest you order it as an add-on because their flavored soft-boiled egg are a must-eat. Don't worry about the calories because you will be burning them when you take a stroll afterwards. Make sure though that you have the patience to wait because the line is long. For us, we went there around 9pm and the line was still long. What's good about Ippudo is that they have this automated queuing system (Silvercord Center, TST Branch) that enables wait staff to quickly monitor the volume of people about to dine.Check this detailed review of Ippudo: Ippudo HK: A Must-Try Ramen Restaurant Chain

2. Delicious Kitchen has been a must-go place for those who loves porkchop rice. This local restaurant is perfect for those people that are always on the go (as they prepare the food quite fast) but still wanted good Chinese food. They also have other tasty dishes so be sure to check them out!

3. Want to try different kinds of XiaoLongBao? DinTaiFung would be the restaurant who offers one the widest variety. Not only does this Michelin Star restaurant offer such but they also have varieties of dimsum and Chinese menu that you could choose from. Check our separate Din Tai Fung Blog here: Family Lunch At Din Tai Fung

4. The best asado bun? Head to TimHoWan (添好運) and you'll not be disappointed. This is, in fact, the cheapest Michelin star restaurant and dimsum prices starts at HKD 10. This establishment has been famous since it has opened because one of the partners (who is also the head chef) used to work as the dimsum chef for Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong. You should bring with you extra patience too as there is a long line in almost all their branches in Hong Kong.
Re-Heated Asado Buns of Tim Ho Wan
There are a lot more places to try out in Hong Kong and we'll surely update and post another blog as soon as we discover them. For you, what's your must-go restaurants in Hong Kong? Comment away below!

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