Tuesday, July 9, 2013

5 Reasons Why Smart Music Portal is the Best Place to Purchase Music

I'm really happy and excited on what Smart Music can do to help the music industry. From what I've already heard, the potential is huge! Partnering with MCA music is just so right in many ways as they are the largest American music corporation. Kudos to MVP group and Smart for Smart that move!

I think that this is a good thing as it will help us "train" the kind of market that we still have. Let's not deny it. Piracy is still a huge problem not only here in the Philippines and giving this kind of service will actually help the music industry a lot.

So, here are 5 reasons why Smart Music is the best place to purchase legitimate original licensed music

1) Cheaper compared to other online music stores
Might not be the case every time but I'll take this as an example. Check out this song by Eric Clapton that can be bought in Amazon for $0.99 or Php 41.58 (Basing it on the conversion rate of USD $1 = Php 42)

In the Smart Music portal, that same song can be bought for just Php 20 or $0.48
That's $0.51 in savings in that one song.

2) Choose the songs that you want instead of an entire album
I'm not a huge music fan but this Smart Music thing got me all excited. Instead of buying an entire album, just purchase the song that you want and you'll save a great deal of money!

What if I just wanted 2 or 3 songs? When I go out in record stores, I would probably have to shell out 300~400 pesos just to have those songs when in fact, I can just pay P15~P30 a song in Smart Music portal and end up just spending less than a hundred pesos for it.

Image from SXC.HU
3) Save money and time
I know that this might affect record stores but other than the actual money saved from travel by not going out to buy, you also save time. It's as simple as browsing through the Smart Music portal using your computer or mobile phone and paying for your purchase via either load credits or charged to your postpaid bill. Good thing MCA partnered with Smart because Smart has the largest subscriber base in the Philippines and because of that, a lot of people can benefit from this service that came out of their partnership.

Think of it this way. Like real books, eBooks also has their own market. Same thing with music, recording stores have their own market as well.

4) Preview before buying
Although this feature might be also available in other online music stores, the preview feature is readily available here as well to make it more convenient for anyone to get a 30-seconder preview of the music before you actually purchase it. So not only do you get a better price for your purchase, you also get good features for this service. Not bad at all!

5) Freebies! 
From time to time, like the Apple App store, you can also score FREE legitimate original licensed music! Here's an example,

In Amazon, that same album costs a whopping $84.72! That's equivalent to P3,558.24 pesos!
 but the thing is, you should catch it while it's free. It's for a limited time only at times:

Right now, you can download two free music when you register. Any (2) music of your choice that is available in their database. They are currently growing their music database to date and they will keep on adding until anything and everything under their partners are already available!

If you need help on how to register or download to your PC or mobile, check out this step-by-step instruction I made:

What are you waiting for? Check out Smart Music now!

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Edlyn Manuel said...

Hi. Is it possible that purchased songs will be added to the song list of the phone? Thanks