Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pet Peeve: No Pun Intended

My aunt's cute and WELL trained dog
I love playing with dogs and in fact, I did consider having one before. I just can't promise to fully take care of it when I am very busy. Having said that, I decided not to get one as you cannot be a part time pet owner unless you get someone to take care of it when you don't have time.

My pet peeve about having pets? They leave the bad stuff anywhere when untrained. I mean the poop and the pee are just enough reasons why I am contented playing with dogs that are not mine or just looking at them through the pet shop. I don't want the bad stuff in ANY part of the house may it be the living room, garage, balcony or wherever.

I'm not here to give tips on how to potty train your dog. I just hope pet owners would be responsible enough to pick-up their pet's droppings. If you have a pet, you should care for them, feed them and picking up the bad stuff is included!

Here's a perfect example:
Owner walking her pet
Dog pooping on our walkway
Opened my car window, glared at her...
Both of them looked at what they did...
Owner pulled the dog hard telling the dog "Sabi ko sayo wag jan eh!" (I told you not to do it there!)
As if she really said that. How would the dog would know, if she didn't prevent the dog from doing so?
Humans can decide. Pets can't decide.
Walks away like nothing happened.

I do not have a pet because I do not want to clean up their mess. Now, I have to clean your pet's droppings.  Thank you for the unwanted experience due to your insensitivity. To other pet owners, I hope you be responsible enough and be sensitive to others. This is, again, your responsibility.

Buy this if you don't want to have a close encounter with the bad kind: A dog poop scooper!

To the owner of the dog, if you see yourself, please drop by again. I'd like to give you back what you left. :)

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Anonymous said...

Pasaway. sana makatapak sya ng tae ng aso nya ahihihihi :-D

Anonymous said...

tingin ko matalino pa yung aso kesa sa mayari

Yuri said...

Hindi nakuha sa tingin. You should've said it straight baka kasi hindi nakakaintindi ng body language