Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Toyota 86 Photos and Video

The Toyota 86 is developed by Toyota and Subaru. With a boxer engine, front-engine and RWD layout and first 2+2. It's sold under different brands.
-Toyota 86 in Japan, South Africa and Australia
-Toyota GT86 in Europe
-Toyota 86 and Toyota GT86 in New Zealand
-Subaru BRZ
-Scion FR-S in the US and Canada

Pronounced as "eight-six" or Hachi-Roku (ハチロク), it's more commonly known as eighty-six. The 86 is the successor of the AE86, a generation of rear-wheel drive sports coupes and hatchbacks sold in the 80's (1983-1987), the Toyota Sprinter Trueno and Toyota Corolla Levin.

Brief Specifications:
151lb ft
181g/km CO2

Manufacturer: Toyota Motor Corporation
Wheelbase: 2,570 mm (101.2 in)
Length: 4,240 mm (166.9 in)
Width: 1,775 mm (69.9 in)
Height: 1,285 mm (50.6 in)
Curb weight: 1275kg

Top speed: 140 mph (233 km/h)
Acceleration: 0–62 mph (0–100 km/h): 7.6 s (Toyota, M/T)
Standing 1/4 Mile: 14.7-14.9s

862.0 A/TPhp1,650,000.00
862.0 A/T (White Pearl)Php1,665,000.00
862.0 Aero A/TPhp1,860,000.00
862.0 Aero A/T (White Pearl)Php1,875,000.00
862.0 M/TPhp1,550,000.00
862.0 M/T (White Pearl)Php1,565,000.00

There's a Facebook group for 86 owners: https://www.facebook.com/86clubphilippines

    Toyota Commonwealth
Maria Elena Tabisora (Customer Relations Head)
Trunk Line: 952-1021 to 27
Local: 116, 133
Direct Line: 952-0764
Email: cro@tcmi.com.ph, tcmcro@yahoo.com
Address: Commonwealth Avenue Quezon City

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