Monday, July 15, 2013

Have You Seen the All New 2013 Toyota Vios? [Photos]

One of the most popular vehicles in the Philippines is the Toyota Vios. Because of the price (pricelist at the bottom of this post), it attracted a wide market. The new design is way better than the previous ones. The rear part is my favorite as it looks like a Camry. The front part looks a bit like Rav 4. I'm assuming that the upcoming new Toyota Altis 2013 is somewhat similar to the front part of the Toyota Vios. Check out the photos below.

Toyota Vios 2013 Exterior

Red Toyota Vios 2013 - Looks good!
Toyota Vios 2013 G (Highend) has a chrome trunk garnish 

Carbon fiber-like plastic design


Looks like a Honda Civic 2012 in this angle
Sexy angle from the front

Toyota Vios 2013 Interior Photos

Looks like leather but it's plastic - still nice though

Same here, it might look like leather but it's plastic.

Overall, it looks good and the interior looks better compared to previous versions as well! The leather-like plastic design also adds up a lot of elegance to an economy compact car. Check out the price below.

Pricelist (Updated July 16, 2013)
VIOS1.3 Base M/TPhp592,000.00
VIOS1.3 E A/TPhp762,000.00
VIOS1.3 E M/TPhp727,000.00
VIOS1.3 G A/TPhp747,000.00
VIOS1.3 G M/TPhp712,000.00
VIOS1.3 J Limited M/TPhp631,000.00
VIOS1.3 J M/TPhp630,000.00
VIOS1.5 G A/TPhp847,000.00
VIOS1.5 G M/TPhp812,000.00
VIOS1.5 TRD A/TPhp869,000.00
VIOS1.5 TRD A/T WPPhp884,000.00

    Toyota Commonwealth
Maria Elena Tabisora (Customer Relations Head)
Trunk Line: 952-1021 to 27
Local: 116, 133
Direct Line: 952-0764
Address: Commonwealth Avenue Quezon City

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