Friday, July 12, 2013

Balesin Island Club: Balesin Clubhouse

As this clubhouse is named after the island, you can conclude that this is probably be the biggest and best clubhouse in Balesin Island. Located just a few meters away from the runway, this serves as the check-in and check-out venue of all guests staying in the island. The entire village being Filipino-themed, the clubhouse itself looked more of a giant nipa hut housing modern amenities that people from all age-groups would enjoy. Even though there are only selected sections in the clubhouse that has air-conditioning system, wind circulation has been great because of the design of the clubhouse. Ceiling fans are also installed in areas that may get warmer during summer days. In addition, this clubhouse also has the best swimming pool in the island with the infinity pool concept. Because of the lovely scenery and calm waters from the pool and the sea, there are actually a lot of people who relax by the pool area and read books while enjoying a glass of fresh fruit juice.

Below are some photos of the Balesin Clubhouse:

The main clubhouse/ reception area of the island for all guests
Nicely done ceiling
Balesin Clubhouse houses the best swimming pool in the Island

Filipino-inspired shower located along the swimming pool area

Walkway by the Pool Area

Infinity Pool concept applied

You can always relax and take a nap even when under the water

Their 5-feet pool

billiard area at the basement level of Balesin Clubhouse

The hut by the far end is also the fishing area where you can eat your catch of the day
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